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Sample 1st Paragraph for International Dentist, CAAPID Application

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to practice dentistry full time in my native India before coming to America to further advance my career in 2012. I have now served here in the USA as a dental observer and until last year as a research intern at ASER doing research in the area of skin cancer, managing protocols and drug interactions. I feel that these experiences form a solid springboard upon which to excel in my studies in preparation for practicing dentistry here in the USA.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs Dental Residency

A dentist originally from India, after completing my DDS I set about giving my all to dental care near where I live in XXXX Texas. Since March of last year, 2013, I have been serving as the Dental Director of the XXXX Rural Health Center in XXXX, Texas. Prior to that position I worked as an Associate Dentist with XXXX Dental PLLC in XXXX.

I am aware of the competitive nature of your program and it is my profound hope that you will look favorably on my application for two reasons in particular. First, I have demonstrated my unswerving loyalty to the underserved by the fact that I have went to all the trouble to learn Spanish, so that I am able to converse with patients in this language, those with very limited English language ability. This reflects the way that I put the underserved as my priority. In fact, nothing brings me quite as much joy as talking to a dental patient about their needs in their native Spanish. In addition to earning my DDS, and also on behalf of the underserved, I also earned an MBA in 2010 so that I would have the ability to think about and generate creative ideas concerning structural improvements to our oral health care systems, specifically with an eye to making them more accessible for the underserved.

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Dental School

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With My Son Davy Dylan

Sample 1st Paragraph, Dentist from India, International Dentist Program DDS

A dentist from India, still only 24 years old, I am a young woman for whom serving the neediest members of my community as a dentist provides me with the ultimate sense of satisfaction and inner peace. It is because of my high level of motivation to focus on the underserved in dentistry-- with respect to both practice and research—that I will be completing my MPH Degree in May of next year, 2015, at the University of XXXX Health Science Centre, in XXXX where I was awarded a Dean’s Scholarship. Since this past March I have also been fully immersed in research, serving as an assistant to Dr. XXXX, studying cancer survivor patients, cleaning and analyzing data. I hope to spend the rest of my life heavily engaged in the battle against oral cancer primarily as a statistician, unlocking the mysteries behind the challenges. My native India has some of the highest oral cancer rates in the world. Thus, giving my all to research in this area will enable me to feel connected to my people back home as well.

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Sample Introduction for the DDS Degree as an International Dentist, Indian Applicant

Still only 28, I am a dentist who has been blessed by the Lord with many opportunities thus far for serving some of the most vulnerable members of my communities both at home in India and now here in America. Even before studying dentistry, I volunteered many hours as a high school student working with mentally challenged, disabled people. I will always remember with special fondness our experiences doing traditional Indian paintings on the floor. While in dental school I volunteered for numerous dental camps organized by my college. For my internship, I choose a school for the blind. Following my graduation, I divided my time between volunteering at a charitable hospital and serving professionally as a dentist in a multispecialty clinic.

Here in America, where I seek to establish myself professionally, my volunteer work is currently with a mobile dental clinic serving primarily the homeless populations of Greenville and Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Degree sought, field, or place of origin!

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Great Accomplishments in the Field of Dentistry

From floss to fluoride in toothpaste, the dental drill to ergonomic dental chairs, someone in dentistry somewhere had an idea that made the profession better.

Thanks to them, dental professionals and their patients can enjoy more comfortable office visits, more efficient and effective treatments and procedures, and better general oral health. Many of the inventors were dentists themselves.

“It is invariably a natural trait of dentists to be inventors,” says Steve Brattesani, DDS, a practicing dentist for the past 22 years who holds somewhere in the range of 27 United States and international patents for his inventions.

“Even though the procedures might become tedious and monotonous and we do things over and over, every tooth and every patient is different, so we invent how to handle our patients, we invent how to fix the teeth, and we invent new techniques. We’re always creating.”

A Global Oral Care Leader Recalls His Beginnings

Dan Fischer’s impetus for creating his first invention and the catalyst for starting his company were connected together, but not as one might think. The founder and president of Ultradent Products, Inc., Fischer had the need—with his love and passion for full-mouth reconstruction—to find better ways for controlling bleeding.

It was based on that passion that the successful hemostatic solution called Astringedent®, the precursor to Viscostat, was invented by Fischer in 1979. Astringedent set the pace for a succession of products that exceeded expectations in the dental industry.

“To really turbo charge it and bring it to the level it needed to be, the Dento-Infusor was developed, a device that goes onto a syringe and actually infuses this coagulating hemostatic,” says Fischer.

“At the time, my desire, my goal, was not to start a dental company: I was perfectly content with my dentistry, but upon discovering that no dental company really could see the value or at least was willing to pay for the value, I realized that if this was to reach dentists, we’d have to do it as a family. Ultradent was formed simply as the vehicle to get this new technology out and available to dentists.”

But getting the technology to clinicians also required education, and it was necessary to teach dentists to do things differently. Ultradent taught these dentists to rub areas that were bleeding to promote hemostasis, which was the opposite of what dentists were doing back then.

It became necessary to work directly with their customers, says Fischer, and that’s the model that Ultradent has stayed with over the years.

The business that began on a kitchen table moved into a 40’ x 60’ hay barn that was converted into an FDA-inspected facility. It grew rapidly: within a 12-year period, Ultradent expanded from a home operation to a 220,000 square-foot facility that today houses more than 900 employees.

Ultradent now manufactures or packages more than 500 materials, devices, and instruments that are used worldwide by dentists, group practices, dental and veterinary labs, government agencies, and universities.

Recollections from an Implant Inventor

The needs of patients were the catalysts for the implants invented by Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD, president of Implant Direct, LLC; he started placing dental implants in 1971 and found that the implants available were unpredictable: they helped some patients, but for others, the implants didn’t work as well as they’d hoped.

By the end of the 1970s, Niznick had started thinking of better ways to develop dental implants to help his patients. As a prosthodontist, his biggest problem was stabilizing a lower denture, but he finally developed the Core-Vent Implant System, which was designed for a procedure in which two freestanding implants were placed in the edentulous patient to stabilize an overdenture. He also invented the Core-Vent Attachment.

“That’s really what got me going—trying to help that particular type of patient. I found that when I put these implants in using a certain surgical technique that avoided over-heating of the bone and early loading, they became firmly anchored to the bone, which we were calling ankylosis at the time. Later, it became known as osseointegration,” Niznick recalls.

“From there, I thought of ways to attach different kinds of abutments to these implants for different clinical applications. This laid the basis for modern implantology with freestanding implants and versatile prosthetics,” he adds.

The field of implantology developed rapidly during the 1980s. Competition pushed the introduction of new products, and by the end of the 1980s, Niznick had developed four different implant designs, each with a unique way for an abutment to connect the internal hex-thread connection.

Niznick licensed the idea to 10 different companies after it had been patented, and it’s considered by many dentists as the cornerstone of modern implant designs.

Other product developments followed: from sterile packaging to fixture-mount packaging (i.e., an implant suspended on an insertion tool), and from prosthetic abutments (e.g., angled abutments, screw-receiving abutments) to dual transition surface treatments—all worked on by Niznick.

Core-Vent Corporation’s name was changed to Paragon Implant Company in 1997, Niznick sold it to Sulzer Medica (Zimmer Dental) in 2001. At that point, Niznick had 26 US patents to his credit.

Today, after moving back into a factory he built in 1994, Niznick is back in business with Implants Direct International. He has ten new implant designs covered by nine new patents, some of which are still pending. What will he design next?

And what about you? Where are you in your dentistry journey? Can we help you get ahead?