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Advanced Education Orofacial Pain, Pakistani

April 18, 2016

The Advanced Education in Orofacial Pain Program at XXXX University is my first choice for advanced training as a dentist here in America because I see it as the premier AE Program in the USA for international dentists and the one that has the most to offer me, in particular, because of my long term goals. I seek to contribute for the balance of my career to the advancement of pain control in the practice of dentistry in my country—Pakistan. I chose dentistry as a career because I am a compassionate woman who has long been dismayed by the paucity of pain control available to the vast majority of patients suffering from oral health diseases and decay in Pakistan; especially those undergoing dental procedures.

While I am a citizen of the USA, I was raised mostly in Pakistan and educated there as a dentist. For this reason, despite the fact that I currently live in the United States as a result of my husband’s employment, when I think in terms of my long term contribution to dentistry, I think in terms of our great oral health care needs in Pakistan, particularly in terms of pain control. Thus, I hope to be accepted to your competitive program at Rutgers primarily on the basis of my aspirations to help the underserved in Pakistan. Orofacial Pain Management is a discipline that is totally foreign in my country, something novel that does not exist apart from other dental disciplines in Pakistan. For this reason, upon completing your program at XXXX, I would be in an excellent position to institute progressive, positive change to our dental philosophy so that we begin to place a higher priority on the importance of pain control in dentistry in Pakistan. My greatest dream as a professional is to someday teach courses on Orofacial Pain Mangement in my country.

I see your program as the optimal springboard to prepare me for a lifetime of ongoing learning and service as a dentist and advocate for dental patients, especially the underserved, those lower classes of society that generally have little to no access to dental care, particularly women. Many conservative religious women living in small towns and rural areas of Pakistan are only able to see a female dentist for religious and cultural reasons; and there are very few female dentists in Pakistan, especially outside of major urban centers.

I very much appreciate the structure of your program, comprised not only of didactic assignments but also hands-on clinical experience through dental rotations as well as teaching responsibilities. With respect to the opportunity for clinical research, I look forward to continuing to development a specialization that I have already been cultivating for some time in the area of TMD, particularly since most TMD and neuralgia patients are women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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