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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Iranian

April 6, 2016

I have invested enormous amounts of time for several years reading about medicine, which has impressed me with the importance of looking at the big picture of a person’s overall health rather than focusing on individual problems to the exclusion of the whole.

 I left my native Iran at 7 years old with my parents who were fleeing for their lives as political refugees. It has all worked out for the better, however, and I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know Azerbaijan, Germany, and then become an American citizen, fully multicultural and multilingual, I see diversity as greatly enriching our existence—particularly that of our medical community and I hope to use my language skills professionally in the future. A native speaker of Farsi and fluent in German, I also speak, read, and write Spanish, Turkish, and Azeri on an intermediate level, beside English.

I also study Latin because it is most helpful in medicine. A recent graduate of UXXwith a BS in Biology and still only 22, I have developed an extensive knowledge of health policy and procedures with a great passion to excel at a career in medicine. A self-starter, detail-oriented, reliable, adaptable, I hope to distinguish myself in the future primarily by my dedication to providing affordable (free) care to those who have the greatest need.

I pace myself in all things and never burn out; a rapid learner with focus who plays five musical instruments and is adept at boxing, karate, tae kwon do (black belt), long-distance running, swimming, and soccer: I see all of these activities as complimentary to medicine, helping me to become a better doctor. Following my graduation from college in June, 2012, I threw myself into my next immediate goal: EMT certification, which I completed this past May of 2013. My volunteer work has also been one of my top priorities. From June of 2009 through January of 2013, I served approximately 16 hours per week, as an Emergency Department Ambassador and Patient Unit Volunteer at Loma Linda University Medical Center, greeting and ushering patients to their destinations, stocking cabinets, providing patients with bedding, changing sheets, dispensing water and food, and doing whatever else needs to be done, mostly for ER.

Perhaps my single most important role at the hospital was to comfort patients in ER, particularly those who came alone. Until now, pediatric ER, in particular, has been the most important place in the world to me, very sick children, usually very sad. So many images float through my mind from that four-year period, a 2-year-old girl undergoing chemotherapy, crying, her father sitting next to her holding her hand, crying as well.

Another important aspect of my application to your DO program is my service as Outreach Chair for the Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Division of the Student Welfare Commission of the Undergraduate Student Association at UXX, promoting health, fitness, and proper nutrition on and off campus; blood drives, yoga classes, cooking and relaxation workshops, meetings on gender health, body image, recycling, first aid & CPR programs, global health, and AIDS awareness to name just a few. We also published a health magazine every quarter, written by our own staff members. I reached out to doctors, inviting them to our weekly club meetings to speak about their research and experience as a doctor and sought out those who would be willing to allow us to observe them. For me, observing surgery was a dream come true.

I also have a special passion for the human eye, which led me to accept my current employment as an Eye Care Supervisor for XXXX. I have learned a lot about cancer through my work with XXXX since a high number of patients have had or survived cancer and I made a point to pay especially careful attention to everything they had to say about the disease and ponder it. I am a Christian woman and I believe in God and I believe the many cancer survivors who told me about the strength they received from God to beat this dreadful disease. Working at XXXX University Medical Center, a primarily Christian hospital, has enhanced my belief that God does give patients the hope that is necessary to survive and the strength to endure. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my application to your program.

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