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DDS International Dentist, Dominican Republic

December 30, 2012

A fully-trained dentist who graduated from a prominent dental school in my home country, the Dominican Republic, I now live in Florida. I look forward to continuing my studies so as to prepare myself to practice dentistry in the USA. It is my sincere hope that I will be accepted into your program so that I can continue to develop professionally, enhancing my skills and radically expanding my knowledge base, so that I will be able to contribute to the fullest extent of my ability to my new society. I look forward, perhaps most importantly, to being able to contribute to the dentally underserved Latino population here in America as well as at home in the Dominican Republic. I see helping my Latino and Caribbean peoples who are less fortunate than I am as a direct expression of my spirituality and the fulfillment of my Christian responsibilities to my fellowman and woman.

 Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, I was always a diligent student and this paid off for me by graduating from a prominent dental school with a very high score. Thus, I feel that my training and experience make me competitive for a position in your program. I am especially drawn to the study and practice of implantology, although I also find myself fully committed to a relentless, life-time study of general dental practice. I look forward to being accepted into an advanced standing program that helps internationally trained dentists to qualify to become licensed to practice dentistry in the United States.

I look forward to someday owning my own practice here in the United States; at the same time, I also look forward to returning to my beloved Dominican Republic to practice community dentistry with and for some of the poorest people in my country.  I have been involved with community work ever since I was a child. And working as a volunteer in the community has been my greatest joy in life so far. I have dreamed about bringing free dental care people to the most vulnerable and underserved members of our societies now for many years. This will be one of my greatest fulfillments in life. I am currently working as a volunteer in my daughter’s school and the local hospital where I am performing the role of a dental assistant.

 Above all, I am a well disciplined person, and an extremely hard worker, who struggles every day to succeed, and most of all to improve on a daily basis. I constantly analyze my errors so that I can get better at what I do every day. I have always stayed at the top of my class in school, throughout many years of dedication to my education—I feel—because I always go that extra mile and take my studies very seriously. I always give 100 percent and this is my greatest joy in life, giving my all to my practice and my patients. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to practice dentistry to the very highest degree of my capability and future potential, always pressing to meet the highest standards possible. Another important aspect of my preparation as a candidate for acceptance to your program is my great appreciation for diversity; since I was in high school, I have cultivated a great passion for getting to know different countries and learning all that I can about a variety of different cultures. I went to Mexico, for example, to participate in an exchange program offered by my college and spent one month studying the use of dental technology at the University of Mexico where I obtained a certificate. After graduating from dental school, I went to Cuba for a seminar in orthodontics practice and obtained another certificate. And four years ago, I visited Spain to participate in another seminar. As a result of my international experiences, I hope to have a lot to contribute to your program in terms of appreciation of and sensitivity to diversity and a closer examination of dental practice as it occurs in countries that are still very much struggling to develop economically. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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