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Master’s Mathematics, Development, Chinese

August 6, 2017

My aptitude for study in Mathematics at such a distinguished program as University of XXXX is grounded in a lifetime of preparation for excellence in Mathematics. I am confident that my dedication and strong work ethic will continue to empower me to excellence in your Masters Program in Statistics.

Perhaps my greatest inspiration and single most important resource of all is my mom, a Math professor and a PhD candidate in Control Engineering. She recently completed extensive research in two-sided M-Bayesian credible limits of reliability parameters in the case of zero-failure data. I helped her with her research, inputting and analyzing data analysis for her research paper, testing the accuracy of theorems and even new general method that would work for most of tests that used two-sided M-Bayesian credible limits. Never before had I learned how much information data could tell me. The more data I analyzed, the more fascinated I became. Our research team currently has two submissions under review. I also translated one entire research paper from Chinese to English.

My extremely high level of motivation to excellence in the science of numbers and how to put them to good use has always been my favorite subject in school and where my central passion lies in life. Now, as a mature thinker, I seek the finest education possible in Statistics because I see this academic discipline as the most immediately relevant for putting Mathematics to work at the service of science, especially science as geared towards economic development.

I was ranked number one in most of my classes, in all subjects, especially Math. Because of my great love for Mathematics as both a child and an adolescent, I went on to choose Applied Mathematics as my major field of study in college. My sheer enthusiasm for numbers and their utility has simply blossomed over time as I have matured. Now, Math is much more than simple plug-in formulas and calculations. While I have appreciated mastering the foundations of Mathematics enormously and learning the formulas, and theorems, I now want to turn my full attention to applications of Math, putting it to the service of making life safer and more fulfilling for everyone through scientific and economic advancement. When I took “Introduction to Probability” as an undergraduate, I found calculating probabilities of real world cases to be the most exhilarating subject that I had yet encountered. This is when I began to more fully realize the power and utility of statistics and I subsequently enrolled in as many Statistics classes as I could, including stochastic processes and math statistics. There is only one course on data analysis in my college, so I am taking this opportunity to learn about R programming language, which I know is very important and useful in statistics.  I seek the ultimate preparation for a career in data analysis. My areas of greatest research interest include bioinformatics, information and data compressions, medical research, financial statistics, and federal statistical systems.

Still only 21, I was raised in China and came to the USA a little over 8 years ago at the age of 14. Since that time, I have not only achieved near-native fluency in English but I also at an intermediate level in French and feel increasingly comfortable conversing in this language as well. I am pleased to see my home country of China taking increasing interest in French speaking Africa since I dream of someday contributing to development of poor countries and it would be a special honor to someday use my French professionally as well as my English, contributing to the economic and human development of Africa, China, and other parts of the Developing World. I volunteered at a hospital in high school and I have served for years as a Sunday School teacher in my church, playing the piano, all of which will be of great assistance to my future interests directed towards the Developing World outreach and assistance.

I anticipate excelling in particular in the area of trends or patterns in medical treatments with special attention to the efficacy of medicines. I look forward to spending many decades full immersed in the analysis of which medical treatments are most successful as well as the most cost effective, for illnesses across the board. I want to fight cancer, in particular, with Mathematics. When I am not fighting disease I want to look for patterns and trends in human behavior so as to harness Statistics to goal of preventing anti-social behavior and, subsequently, the crime that it generates. I want to look closely at how Statistics can enhance job performance as well as employee satisfaction—especially since I like to think of these two factors in symbiotic harmony. I want to live, work, and think almost entirely about data analysis and I am more than willing to give my all to the right firm in the future, an institution with a proven track record and mission dedicated to alleviating poverty, injustice, and inefficiency worldwide, especially with respect to human rights in the developing world. I want to work for a firm that contributes to lifting millions of people out of poverty as a result of creative thinking and economic progress

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for more than statistics and its scientific applications. I love the politics of diversity appreciation and respect for individual human rights that your university has come to represent—worldwide—as a beacon on a hill in a sea of great human challenges that threaten our very existence. I cannot imagine life anywhere that could be as exciting, where I would feel so called, and where nobility would be within my grasp.

I thank you for considering my application to your very competitive program.

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