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Ophthalmology Residency Program, Canada, Saudi

January 10, 2013

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is my homeland, a place of many opportunities, and yet, in my town of XXXX, indeed the entire province of Riyadh, diseases of the retina are common, and there are no qualified ophthalmologists.  I was first introduced to the specialty during my residency rotations, and found myself fascinated by the delicacy of the operations, and the rapid results patients enjoyed post-surgery.  Restoring people’s vision and the treatment of highly treatable blindness, as well as preventative efforts with glaucoma and Diabetic patients has become my passion and life’s mission.

 Immersing myself in a quality residency experience and subsequent retinal surgery fellowship, I will be able to bring my plans, and my dreams to fruition, to bring my knowledge and exposure back with me to XXXX and establish a high-quality research center.  More specifically, I have an intense interest in not just diseases of the retina, but also Diabetic retinopathy.  I anticipate the chance for intensive exposure to an array of cases, and an excellent grounding in surgery.

 Having a good grasp of theory and clinical skills are as equally important as being able to speak intelligently about our chosen fields.  To this end, I have participated in no less than four conferences on the topic of Ophthalmology, retinal and vitreous surgery, and retinal diseases.  The conferences themselves increased my knowledge of cutting-edge research, techniques and technologies and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with my peers and more senior physicians.  I felt I was exactly where I needed to be and that my feet were on life’s truest path for whom I am.

 I bring with me to the residency program not only my enthusiasm and energy, but also a solid academic foundation in Medicine and Surgery, clinical exposure earned in XXXX Hospital’s ER, as well as during Hajj, when our country is host to some three million people from around the world.  Additionally, I actively sought out and procured an observership with our province hospital, XXXX Hospital, in order to gain an understanding of their needs with the aim of providing their patients with care, rather than referring them to Riyadh hospitals.  More importantly, my ophthalmology residency has spanned almost a year now, and three different hospitals, an experience that has increased my ability to adapt to different set-ups quickly and think on my feet.

 Additionally, I feel that my cultural competency, my ability to interact effectively with people of differing cultures, creeds and backgrounds will aid me invaluably in my work.  I have lived and worked on two diverse continents, traveling to the UK to refine my English language, and am currently learning French.  Canada’s healthcare system is only increasing its representation of immigrant populations and I feel that with my experiences and aptitude in languages, I will be able to meet diverse patients’ needs more easily.

 When asked, many people would say that their vision is the one sense they would least be able to live without.  The importance of our vision and the beauty of its gift cannot be underscored enough.  I will aid many people in preventing blindness, and restoring vision, one patient at a time, for the benefit of my community.  To their tomorrow, and my own, I will give all that I am to my residency assignment.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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