PharmD Pharmacy, Africa, Cameroon

December 30, 2012

My interest in Pharmacy began around the time my daughter’s teeth started to develop.  I was concerned when my baby’s first teeth were dark.  My dentist told me that medication I had taken during pregnancy had caused this condition.  I promised myself that I would learn more about medications, and their side effects, discussing them with my doctor in the future before taking them.  While doing personal research into pharmaceuticals, and Pharmacy school, I found that I had few educational opportunities living in my homeland of Cameroon.

I never lost sight of my Pharmacy dreams, and my sister showed me that it is truly attainable, leaving Cameroon, attending and later graduating XXXX’s College of Pharmacy.  In 2003, I came to America, the country that is renowned for offering people with belief and drive the chance to bring their dreams to fruition.

 These past four years, I have developed my proficiency in English, completing my pre-Pharmacy courses and gaining valuable real-world retail Pharmacy experience working in XXXX Discount Pharmacy.  Having the opportunity to interact with people from a multitude of backgrounds, acting as a link between patient and doctor, has been personally and professionally gratifying.  Moreover, working for Kenner Pharmacy has shown me that I have an aptitude for excelling in a retail pharmacy.  Additionally, I have come to appreciate how pharmacists are the most accessible medical professionals in a community, as well as advocates and guides for patients.

 A pharmacist reaches people on many levels, even culturally.  I feel that my unique background and bilingual abilities in French and English will equip me to better serve clients, those that need quality service the most, filling a much-needed gap between patients and physicians in my area.  I am particularly sensitive and aware of the increasing needs of minorities, especially in their introduction to the American healthcare system, having walked more than a mile in the immigrant’s shoes.  What is more, my volunteer work is a clear indication of my desire to assist the community of which I am blessed to be a part of. I have been involved and in touch with my community volunteering at my church for several years.  Reaching out to others is intrinsic to who I am. 

 For the future, I anticipate serving my community as a Pharmacist, and later developing my career into that of an industrial pharmacist.  I will then be expanding on my foundation in Pharmacy to include the compounding of medicines, reaching beyond my community, and having an impact on lives on a much larger scale.

 XXXX U is my sole choice for Pharmacy education.  XXXX has produced some of the finest, creative and successful African-American minds in America.  I am proud to have a sister that counts herself amongst XXXX’s alumni, a sister that will be my support system throughout my education.  Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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