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Residency Internal Medicine, Grandfather Doctor

November 2, 2015

I am well qualified and have significant experience in general medicine with recent exposure to the US medical environment and now feel ready to undertake a residency in Internal Medicine in a challenging but supportive environment.

My grandfather was not only a doctor but was the first doctor ever to be based in our home town. A local physician was regarded with enormous respect and, in my grandfather’s case, much affection. I was aware from an early age that he was a special man who did a special job, he was an inspirational figure and I wanted to be just like him. I have never considered any other career than medicine and regard it as a vocation rather than a mere career choice. Knowing my determination to ‘follow in his footsteps’, when I reached the age of 13, my grandfather would sometimes take me to his clinic to observe him at work.

My early exposure to family medicine taught me some very important lessons that have remained with me. I was taught that an excellent physician not only cared for the patients but cared about them. I have always sought to ensure that patients know that I am interested in them as people and not as mere ‘bundle of symptoms’, to be a friendly and caring doctor in whom they can have confidence. I have many stories showing the effectiveness of my approach, let me give one example. In my second year of residency in Internal Medicine I was treating a 35 year old carpenter for tetanus; he was the sole breadwinner to a large family and was naturally concerned about them. During rounds, I always stopped for a chat and to enquire about the welfare of his family, this small gesture of interest, led to other patients asking to be treated by me and to the carpenter’s family presenting me with a gift when he was discharged, I was very moved by this gift of a small stool that is a constant reminder to me to make people the first priority.

My grandfather was an excellent diagnostician and drilled into me the basic medical truth that effective treatment could only follow accurate diagnosis and that diagnostics was an art requiring patient listening, exceptional observation and other skills such as an appreciation of the importance of non-verbal signals. I have never forgotten these lessons which I have always applied, for instance, in my first day of internship I was able to impress my supervisors by ordering EKG and cardiac enzymes in their absence for a patient suffering acute myocardial infarction and thus giving a better prognosis.

Following graduation with my initial medical degree, I have worked as a family physician, senior resident and, following the award of a second degree of MD in General Medicine, as consultant and visiting consultant. This background has provided me with a substantial exposure to a wide variety of conditions and patient types that will be of direct application in an Internal Medicine residency. Internal Medicine attracts me because of the breadth of experience and exposures that it offers, the variety of the working day and the opportunity to apply the significant diagnostic and bedside skills that I have developed in my career to date. It is my hope to be able to assist in research and am particularly interested in doing so in the area of cardiology.

I am enthusiastic team player by nature and know that this is a vital asset in my chosen field.  A good team always provides a better outcome than any individual team member. While, like most people, I like my individual input to be acknowledged and valued, I am always ready to seek and to take advice and guidance and to give credit to other team members and the team as a whole. You may not know much about cricket but it is a game in which it is possible for a player to ‘shine’ selfishly to the detriment of the team’s benefit. It is fine training in subsuming selfish desires to the final outcome.

I have equipped myself for the residency by undertaking various traineeships. I am now familiar with the US medical environment and ready to undertake the final step in reaching my goal of becoming an expert Internist in a US hospital. I am fully aware of the special need for cultural awareness and sensitivity in the provision of healthcare. Since arrival in the US, I have interacted with people of many diverse social and cultural backgrounds and look forward to doing so further within the residency.

I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for residencies in this popular specialty. However I believe that I am an excellent candidate. I am well qualified and have a second degree that is directly relevant to a career in Internal Medicine; I have a good understanding of the special skills and qualities required of an excellent Internist and believe that I have demonstrated that I possess them. Most importantly, I am genuinely and passionately committed to this specialty and in acquiring all the skills and knowledge available through the residency to enable me to provide first class care to all my future patients.

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