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Great Accomplishments in Chiropractic

Chiropractic is such a natural corrective process that it’s hard to spot the great accomplishments in this field: instead, small miracles literally happen every day (or in some cases, every hour!). However, technology has allowed treatment to become increasingly effective and precise.

Chiropractic philosophies were developed by the ancient Greeks, and the basic underlying techniques for alignment of the human spine to improve overall wellness haven’t changed much over time. During the last fifty years, however, there have been some useful advances.

Activator Methods®

Activator Methods® – The Activator® instrument was developed in 1967 and is now the world’s #1 instrument adjusting technique used by chiropractors. 

This small tool is held in your hand and allows you to adjust your spine in very specific areas in a quiet and painless way. 

In research studies, adjustments made with the Activator® have been proven to be highly reliable and safe.

Chiropractors who have taken both a written and practical examination are the most experienced Activator® chiropractors: they can be identified by formal certification and are referred to as “Advanced Proficiency Rated”.

In order to maintain this certification, chiropractors need to attend mandatory yearly seminars to stay informed of the most current Activator® information and research.

It’s important for clients to know what an official Activator® instrument looks like. There are chiropractors out there who claim to do Activator® adjusting, but have never been formally trained in the technique. They are not usually using the actual patented Activator® instrument(s).

The best way to find a properly-trained doctor in your area is to visit this website.

Impulse Adjusting Technique™

The Impulse iQ® instrument is the newest on the market and is quickly gaining a reputation for being the most efficient and effective adjusting instrument in the industry. 

This technique is one hundred times faster than a manual adjustment. In addition to spinal adjustments, this tool also allows you to reduce tension in tight, spasmodic muscle tissue, which helps relax the muscles that are tight and pulling the spine out of proper alignment.

The Impulse iQ® has an automatic sensor that detects bone movement. This enables the instrument to be more precise and accurate. 

No other instrument has this sensor ability. It’s larger in size than the Activator®, but treatment is quick and virtually painless.

Chiropractors that choose to become certified in Impulse iQ® adjusting are tested at seminars through both a practical and written examination. Regular attendance at Impulse Adjusting Technique™ seminars helps keep chiropractors current on how to use the tool to achieve the best results. You can find chiros who are certified in this treatment by visiting this site.

Other Techniques

Although traditional chiropractors' main specialties are correcting issues of the back and neck, new progressions also include the treatment of various other structures within the body via deep tissue massage, physical therapy, laser therapy, and advanced adjustment technologies. These advancements help people avoid surgery and benefit from the latest technological methods of treatment.

Spinal Decompression

A very important technique commonly used today is spinal decompression therapy. This involves stretching and relaxing the spine using a special traction table.

This procedure is also called non-surgical decompression. The older form of traction meant to simply apply a steady force on the patient's body in order to unload the muscles, joints and other structures. A common practice was the usage of the "inversion table".

But today, spinal decompression therapy has progressed through a newer form of traction. This modern and computerized form uses technology to control the traction pull on the spine, efficiently preventing muscular contraction responses.

These new and improved protocol tables are more relaxing, and can be adjusted to the client’s size.

Laser Therapy

Known under various names—low-power laser, soft laser, cold laser or therapeutic laser—this form of laser medicine has become an effective addition to chiropractic care.

It’s a minimally-invasive procedure that is a great asset to chiropractors and has been clinically proven to be painless, safe and efficient in treating diverse injuries, chronic pains or arthritis.

The treatment involves the application of red and infrared light over the injuries to stimulate tissue repair and reduce pain and inflammation.

Laser therapy, such as that of the widely popular K-Laser, has proven to offer safe and quick results and drug-free pain relief—without any other known side-effect. It already plays a part in neuromusculoskeletal pain treatment in many parts of the world.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Other practices used in chiropractic is therapeutic ultrasound therapy and extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

It is used to treat injuries like muscle strains and uses much stronger shock waves than ultrasound.

Although the treatment is very intense, it is known to be very useful to disrupt more solid tissues. It can be used to treat calcification in tendons, for example.

Insight Subluxation Station

Another technological approach to chiropractic is the Insight Subluxation Station. This helps the chiropractor establish a reliable representation of the patient's condition and a more effective treatment.

This patented device from the Space Foundation includes many applications that will help and support the work of chiropractors.

Will you discover a new method of applying subluxation techniques as a chiropractic doctor? What does the future hold for you? If we can help you on your way through our quality services, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


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Statements of Excellence in Chiropractics

I help as many people as I can in the area of Chiropractics because I am enthused about Chiropractics and a fervent believer in the value of alternative medicine and medical treatment. I have myself had Chiropractic treatments in different phases of my life.

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I edit and enhance cover letters and letters of recommendation. In short, I am your one-stop shop for all of your paperwork needs: so you can focus on your march to success with full paperwork support.

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Perhaps the fact that I am earning my undergraduate degree in Philosophy yet work for Kaiser Permanente as a Pharmacy Supervisor speaks to a rebellious, subversive, or non-traditional side of my character that is manifest in my distaste for traditional medicine. My choice of Chiropractics as a career, on the other hand, speaks to my enormous respect and profound passion for fitness as produced by optimal nutrition and exercise. For me, Chiropractics is more about attaining optimal health than anything else; something that will never be obtained through the care of a medical doctor and/or ‘traditional’, pharmaceutical medicine alone. For me this is also a family issue, since my parents and grandparents practiced homeopathic medicine and made a believer out of me whilst growing up.

 If you want your Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement to be successful, you have to write it in such a way as to make those in charge of the selection process curious about you and to look forward to meeting you. You need to portray yourself in your statement as the kind of person that they want to have in their program. I am a practiced master at drafting your story in the best, most eloquent fashion possible, in the way that is most appealing to those who make the selection. I am so certain of my ability that I draft the first paragraph of your statement free of charge and at no further obligation.  If you really like the first paragraph that I produce, then I would then be honored to finish the statement on your behalf. 

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