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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



EDD Developmental Studies, Korean

In South Korea, where I was born, I served twenty-nine months as an army chaplain, counseling troubled soldiers, positively affecting overall camp morale.  Even in South Korea, there were soldiers from myriad backgrounds, a challenge I welcomed and greatly enjoyed, illuminating my life’s path all the more clearly.

Upon completing my Master’s of Divinity, I taught at a Korean English-speaking school, but eventually emigrated to America, my new adopted home, where I completed my Master’s in TESOL.  In the US, I was able to utilize my bilingual abilities and background to aid in the acculturation of Korean exchange students, simultaneously sharpening my language skills as a court translator. 

 It is with great confidence that I believe in my ability to approach the challenge and opportunity of XXXX’s Ed.D. program in Developmental Studies, focusing on Human Development and Education.  Evidence of my passion for the field of study, and my belief in the work is evident through my professional and volunteer experiences.  While my titles have changed, the conceptual continuity has remained constant.  Specifically, I spent nineteen months as a volunteer to a collaborative mission, teaching English to children from socio-economically depressed areas of South Korea.  This laid the necessary groundwork for my future endeavors, teaching English for seven years in South Korea, and working as a church’s education pastor, paving the way to my US Masters in TESOL, and culminating in my pursuit of an Ed.D. with XXXX.

 In fact, I anticipate conducting research into the connections between human development and bilingual or multilingual language acquisition.  This correlates to my graduate TESOL research as well as my experiences in South Korea, a country that emphasizes the need for English education, oftentimes to the detriment of the children, not realizing the stresses they are placing upon the pupils.

 For the future, I anticipate building my exposure as an active-duty US Army Chaplain, counseling soldiers through their assorted difficulties, dealing with the loss of a friend, the stresses of armed conflict, counseling the populace of affected areas or simply, drawing from my own experiences of dealing with language barriers.  Indeed, my application for US Army Reserve Chaplaincy is nearing completion.

 The reality is that the US Army is multiracial, and multicultural.  Having been born, lived and educated in two different worlds, and traveled the globe, I have a worldview that is truly unique, and have developed the ability to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, creeds and backgrounds.  I can think of no better place where my prospective Ed.D. degree from XXXX could be utilized more fully, serving the young men and women of the military, the future leaders for their colleagues and their respective communities.  The fire inside me, my passion for service to these unique individuals for whom I feel a close affinity deserve the finest services possible of a fervent and well-educated chaplain, one who can make the greatest impact on their lives and careers.  No other service has nor ever could bring me the same level of personal, spiritual or professional satisfaction.

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