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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



PHD Electrical Engineering, Turkish

Your program is my absolute first choice for graduate study because of its high ranking for academic excellence and its connections with industry, the way that it provides optimal preparation for meeting my long term career goals. I especially look forward to studying towards the Ph.D. in the area of practical applications for optical communications, particularly sensors and antennas and I look forward to a long and productive life in research and project design.

 As a Turkish American woman, I hope to contribute to the diversity of your program. Full of energy at 23, I am noted for my dedication to my work and my ability to focus. A team player, I get along exceptionally well with colleagues. While I am currently enrolled in a doctoral program at XXXX University in the photochemical sciences, my heart is wrapped up in electronics engineering and it is critical to the realization of my dreams to switch to a program that will help me realize my fullest ambitions.

 My grades help to establish my competence, especially when one looks at my areas of special interest. My level of motivation is extremely high and my enthusiasm knows no boundaries. I like to think that I combine high degrees of curiosity, creativity, and the gift of being a very quick learner. Studying for me is sheer joy and research is my first passion in life. A global citizen, I am especially knowledgeable about technological developments in Turkey and I am also rapidly learning German. In Turkey, I worked alongside one of my professors and we were able to write and publish two scientific articles together. I am an extremely hard worker and would feel enormously privileged to have the opportunity to establish this in your program by assisting a faculty member with a research project. While I have only been in the United States for a few months, I am fully adjusted and feel very much at home, brainstorming in my free time.

 A daughter inspired by her electrical engineer father, since early on I have cultivated a flaming desire to deal with the most intricate problems of mathematics and physics, always pushing myself for increased excellence. My High School GPA was 5.00/5.00 and I scored in the top 1% among 1.5 million students taking the National University Entrance Exam, receiving a full scholarship and monthly stipend for my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering, learning simulation and software programming, such as Matlab, Mathcad, Mathematica, PSpice and WinSpice. I also designed and implemented a three stage cascaded amplifier.  

The summer of 2006 spent working Turkey’s biggest Iron and Steel Factory also greatly enhanced my skills with fiber optical communication systems and learning the Microwave Office Program to design and perform simulations, radically stimulating my devotion to optoelectronic devices and solid state lasers. The following year I worked for a large Industrial Solutions Department where I programmed logic controllers and managed pulse generators, proximity switches, temperature and pressure detectors, etc., and I have done extensive research in optoelectonics and developed a transimpedance amplifier supplied by a photovoltaic cell.  I have very much been enjoying my teaching assistantship at XXXX and look forward to giving my all to your program in whatever manner that I might best contribute to your academic community.

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