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Healthcare Admin. Fellowship, African American

For the past seven years I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my professional and academic pursuit of quality work in and for the healthcare system of New York.  XXXX Medical Center provided me with a working environment very similar to that of XXXX Medical Center, as both serve as campuses for colleges of medicine.  During my time with XXXX, I gained mastery of managing several projects simultaneously, including working directly with insurance companies, coordinating procedures and authorizations on behalf of the Director of Neuro-ophthalmology.  Already I was attending to the same aims of a healthcare administrator, dealing with operational effectiveness, and excellence in services provided.  While XXXX is one of NYC’s finest hospitals, XXXX is a leader on the national level.  I simply felt there was more I could do, to make a greater contribution to bringing affordable healthcare services to those that needed it the most.

 Throughout my time with Continuum Health Partners of XXXX Hospital, I continued to work in an academically-affiliated environment, and working with a departmental director.  As I was completing my BS in Business Administration and later my MBA, my responsibilities grew, training and supervising employees, increasing the amount of time I could dedicate to more advanced projects, such as researching viable funding opportunities for future research.  I was dealing with issues many healthcare administrators deal with, such as working with regulatory readiness issues with regards to special FDA and IRB projects, operating budget, and human resources.  Currently my work with XXXX Hospital continues similar work, with the addition of screening vendors, seeing which new products and services fit best with our department’s aims as well as providing compilations of data for the Department of Health.

 In addition to my work, I am actively involved with the AmericanCollege of Healthcare Executives and Health Leaders New York, participating in conferences and speaker lectures.  I give back to the community, volunteering my time with the American Cancer Society and Lambda Theta Epsilon sorority.

 XXXX Medical Center’s Fellowship program of study is simply the most elite program of study in the field of healthcare administration in the country.  The number of fellowships awarded annually is reassuringly small, giving me great confidence that my future as a leader in the field is all but guaranteed.  Combined with this is the global reputation of XXXX as a national leader in healthcare speaks of an unparalleled academic experience in a setting filled with real-world experiences and opportunities for professional development.  While my professional experiences have been highly preparatory in terms of the challenge and opportunity to work with the Fellowship program, I find that I need additional guidance in three main areas: the improvement of healthcare performance; operational effectiveness; and ambulatory services.

 Through an academic relationship with XXXX, I will be better equipped to deal with the business side of healthcare, to address the more pressing issues of expanding healthcare systems and services while reducing the cost to the patient.  At the same time, I will be a more effective leader in my community, volunteering in the area of preventative medicine and education.  I feel that my MBA combined with relevant experience in the healthcare industry will aid me invaluably in your program and my career, and enrich the experience of my classmates, as well.  There are countless opportunities in the field of healthcare administration, and standing in the middle of it, one cannot see its edges.  Through a position in your quality Fellowship program, I intend to make that field even larger as I continue on, pursuant to a DHSc.

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