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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MAcc Degree in Accountancy, Vietnamese

I am Vietnamese born in Vietnam and raised both in Vietnam and the United States. I am currently resident in Los Angeles. I expect to be awarded a B.S. degree in Managerial Economics in June of this year. I speak English and Vietnamese. I was raised in poor financial circumstances and am the first member of my family to obtain a degree. I am extremely proud of my achievements to date from an unpromising start and wish to advance in my area of interest as far as is possible. It is my short term goal to achieve CPA qualification and, in the longer term to specialize in auditing and find employment in a department of government.

 I became fascinated with accountancy from the very first lecture I attended on the subject. When I considered the words of a particularly inspiring lecturer who described accountancy as “the language of business” and pondered the accuracy and implications of this description, I was ‘hooked’.  I realized that the subject is not the ‘dry’ one that I had imagined but directly affects the success of businesses of all sizes and kinds, and contributes significantly to the general good. I changed my major from biochemistry to accountancy and I have never regretted my decision, my fascination for this ‘language’ is constantly increasing.

 I am currently participating in the XXXX Financial Training Program. Although I only recently joined the program, it has been an intensive and demanding learning experience so far and one that I am thoroughly enjoying.  I have already learnt something of successful team working, research organization and effective business communication. I hope to bring the fruits of this experience together with a relevant academic background to the program. I am a determined and hard working person as evidenced by my success in adapting to a second culture and in learning and succeeding in academic study in a second language and will bring these qualities to bear in my future studies in which I am sure I can excel. Not least, I offer a passionate interest in accountancy that will be hard to match.

 I am seeking specialist education in a challenging and pleasant academic environment and have been very impressed at what I have read and heard of the University and of the Master’s program. I am particularly attracted by the prospect of receiving accountancy training from current practitioners and to participating in the solving of ‘real world’ problems during my studies. I am especially aware, because of my background, that the ‘global economy’ is presenting businesses with unfamiliar challenges and opportunities and am interested to see that the course includes training in this area and to which I look forward to providing my own insights.

 Apart from my familiarity with Vietnamese and US cultures, I have been exposed to people from a variety of cultures and social backgrounds in my studies, social life and work to date. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing insights about my own. I am not widely travelled but have visited Spain, where I spent two months, and France and found the experience both interesting and extremely enjoyable.

 One of my long term goals is to share my good fortune in obtaining a good education. I currently provide educational materials to schools in Vietnam and intend, ultimately, to provide bursary funds to enable poor students to reach their goals.

I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I am convinced that I can provide useful insights and ‘add value’ to the academic community, I look forward to doing so.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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