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MS Nutrition, Dietetics, Hong Kong, Australia

1500 years ago, Hippocrates wrote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.”  Imagine the concept: food as medicine.  This quote struck me as being amazingly profound.  In this golden age of the prescription, just cresting pharmaceuticals that are tailored to your genetic structure, I marvel at the simplicity of the work of the Dietitian: eat sensibly, exercise, and you will avoid illnesses, and the complications thereof.

 As a pursuant to a Master’s degree in Dietetics, I will be able to further develop my practicum through intensive training as well as increase my depth of knowledge of nutritional science.  Throughout my undergraduate study of Food Science and Nutrition I have come to want to research several areas including, but not limited to, cancer prevention through proper diet and exercise, the worldwide epidemic of chronic heart disease, the causal relationships between cardiovascular disease and conditions such as obesity, diabetes mellitus type 2 prevention, as well as the worldwide trend that indicates that the incidence of heart disease is increasing for younger demographics in developed nations.  There is really no reason other than genetics and a handful of possible conditions, as to why childhood obesity should exist.  While it is easy to point the finger at “junk foods” and a sedentary lifestyle, it is becoming more apparent to me as I continue to educate myself that the best strategy for preventing these assorted diseases – and I firmly believe they are preventable – is the consumption of foods that are clean, fresh, nutritious and coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

 Furthermore, it has become my goal and my dream to become a fully-qualified Dietitian, fulfilling the requirements mandated by the Dietetics Association of Australia.  My introduction to research in the form of participating in undergraduate research experiences has prepared me for the challenges of graduate-level research and beyond.  It is my intention, through research and practice, to aid in the general public’s overall food choice behaviour, and to encourage nutritionally sound foods to be consumed by the masses.  As a Dietitian, I will be able to work in a hospital or clinical setting, helping people live longer, healthier lives.  Any doctor would be remiss in their duties if they were to not give back to the community they serve and beyond.  Doctors Without Borders has long held my respect, and when I have developed my career sufficiently, I will be in a position, through this incredible humanitarian group to volunteer my time, helping to eradicate malnutrition in developing nations.

 Being an international student, born and raised in Hong Kong, China, and conversant in three languages has enabled me to travel with ease throughout many countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Macao, Taiwan and Australia.  I have achieved a high degree of cultural competency through my experiences alone.  Additionally, my travels coupled with my education have allowed me to see different eating patterns, food choice behavior, health status and lifestyle choices in many differing cultures and nations.  Along with this I bring to my prospective graduate program my track record of academic excellence.  Throughout my undergraduate education – two Bachelor’s degrees – I have maintained High Distinctions in the majority of my subjects, and have been an active member of both the Golden Key Society as well as the Nutrition Society of Australia.

 I am confident that through my time management skills, developed through balancing my time between work, school, and martial arts tournaments, leadership and communication skills developed and refined through my professional experiences in China as well as Australia, I will be a valuable asset to a Dietetics graduate program.  And there is no question as to my commitment, as can be clearly seen through my research projects, and my stellar academic successes.

 I thank you for your time, consideration, and I look forward to a personal interview.

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