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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Master's Degree in Computer Science, Saudi

Still only 22 years old, I am a mature and dedicated young man who lives for progress and works very hard to prepare myself for a distinguished career in the field of Computer Science. I was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I finished my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at King Saud University in June of 2012. I want very much to study towards the Masters Degree in Computer Science at the University of XXXX because of the distinguished reputation of your program in the areas of  security, networking, artificial intelligence and machine learning. My long term goal is to become a distinguished college professor and researcher here in my native Saudi Arabia, contributing to the education of new generations of young Saudis in the cutting-edge areas of research in our field. I have earned a scholarship from my university to continue my studies in a computer science program for both the Masters and then later the PHD.

 I am currently working as a volunteer Research Assistant at the Center of Excellence in Information Assurance. This is a specialized research center in the field of computer and information security and this position has provided me with the opportunity to work closely with professionals in the area of computer security. I also continue to serve as a Teaching Assistant in the same university program from which I graduated, teaching Java Programming 1 to over 40 students. Here, I have the profound privilege of working closely with college professors and gaining additional insight and skills as a result of their vast experience in a number of important areas. These positions have also helped to enhance my personal and professional confidence and public speaking skills.

 Since childhood, I have been a hard working student and have excelled in almost every area. Part of my success stems from the fact that I am very friendly, cooperative and have always placed a priority on the enhancement of my communication skills so as to maximize my personal and academic potential to grow as a creative and independent thinker that is skilled at tackling difficult problems and capable of dealing with controversial issues with a cool mind that is both rational and logical. I am convinced that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to my society would be to apply myself to my studies at XXU so that I might be able to return to my country as an accomplished graduate of your program and share the state-of-the art knowledge and skills that I will acquire with the students of Saudi Arabia. In this way, I will have the privilege of dedicating my life to the improvement of my society through the development of our educational systems in the area of information technology, helping to make SA a leading country in this field.

 I am a cosmopolitan young man who is both well read and well traveled, having spent large periods of time in the US, Canada, England, France, Italy, the UAE, and Lebanon. This has helped me to become open minded and to greatly appreciate cultural diversity. I believe that my greatest strength is being able to identify patterns and relationships that are not obvious and that this will help me to excel as a teacher who is adept at balancing theory and practice with analytical rigor, and to help improve our information infrastructure and especially our virtual research centers. I thank you for considering my application to your state-of-the-art program at XXU.

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