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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Masters Computer Science, Indian

The evolution of a programming language and the complexity of its creation never ceases to enthrall me., even after 5 years of professional programming, this notion still enthralls me. The comprehensive undergraduate curriculum at my University gave me a solid foundation in the basics of programming.  Working as a project engineer with Wipro Technologies exposed me to these languages; however, I have seldom had an opportunity to delve into the depths of language design. It is my belief that a Masters degree, focused on various aspects of language, would help me gain the expertise that I need to pursue a career as a programming language researcher.

 During my five-year tenure at XXXX, I have handled numerous projects, each one more challenging than the other, including Email Client applications for Nokia 770 / 810 and Linux based PDA series, a pioneer in the Maemo platform. To develop the interface, I had to analyze and evaluate the GTK library API's and customize them to achieve the desired outcomes. This proved to be a daunting task. My contributions to the project--stand-alone editors in UI, processing of images and document attachments—were well-appreciated.

 Currently, I am associated with the Client SUN Microsystems. Collaborating with this global team has significantly improved my inter-personal and technical skills. My latest project is a design prototype to emulate the SUN cluster architecture for a Solaris zoned application called Supportfiles. The security and infrastructure limitations imposed by our Clients have been highly demanding. I emulate them using a third party tool "Spread," which uses virtual communication over a Wide area network. I had to decide on the languages for optimal interaction with the spread module, which cemented my notion that the field of languages is wide open for customization and innovation. With the success of this proposal, I have been promoted to the position of Senior Engineer and have been entrusted with the responsibility of mentoring and monitoring my sub-ordinates.

 One of my key responsibilities is to choose languages that best fit project requirements and architecture. Inevitably, my proposals encompass two or more languages. This has helped me to realize that, to formulate a proposal without compromising efficiency, concurrency and ease of usage, there is rarely one language that could serve as a best fit for all.  It has also served to showcase the dynamic requirements of the field in terms of customization and innovation.

 XXU is my first choice for graduate school, primarily because it offers a well balanced curriculum with specialization in languages. My specific area of interest lies in the 'Languages and Tools' cluster. My choice of XXX was also influenced by the ‘design and implementation’ research of Professor XXXX, and I am keen on working in areas similar to his investigations. This program was also been recommended by one of my peers who graduated from XXU. She specifically cited your highly qualified professors and career-oriented curriculum as key highlights of your program. I am confident that the knowledge and experience acquired in your program will help me to realize my goal of increasing involvement in the research and development of programming languages in a corporate environment.

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