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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MBA/BME Dual Degree, Biomedical Engineering

I was raised in India but came to California in time for high school. Since my arrival I have found great joy in living in country with such advanced technology. As serious young man for my age, I have long been very dedicated to my studies and hope to make professional contributions in the future to science and engineering, especially insofar as these fields support the health care industry. Biomedical technology and engineering stand at the center of my intellectual and academic interests and UXX is my first choice for graduate study because of its outstanding reputation in this area. I am also attracted to UXX because of its extremely high percentage of foreign born student and the unique diversity that result from this fact on your beautiful campus.

 I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of drug delivery, biomechanics and tissue engineering. In addition to engineering, I am also very much engaged in and keenly look forward to studying the business aspects of biomedical engineering and for this reason it is my hope to attain dual Masters degrees, the MBA as well as the Master’s in BME. I look forward to gaining many years of professional experience with cutting edge companies in this area and my long term dream is to someday have the privilege of leading one of these companies and serving as a CEO. In short, I want to devote my life to the development of new and life saving biotech drugs, especially cancer drugs and vaccines, that will help to prolong life not only in America but on a global scale.

 I have a deep appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism and this is one of the reasons why I have also come a long way towards mastering Spanish and enjoy very much my interactions with California’s Latino community. Throughout high school, I have volunteered extensively at the local senior community center. Currently I am a member of Engineering World Health chapter at UXX; we provide free labor services to assemble and ship goods to third world countries. Currently my team is developing an oxygen sensor which is inexpensive and sustainable for use in third world countries. We plan to have the prototype ready by spring of 2011.

 In 2007 and 2008, the open-heart surgery of both my father and grandfather had a negative impact on my grades from which I have now fully recovered. My dedication to succeed professional in biomedical engineering has also been enhanced by a better understanding of the importance of life and I now find it even easier to tackle problems both emotionally and logically, improving my performance at school so that I can realize my dreams. These days, what I find most enjoyable as well as my studies is serving as a mentor for 4 prospective undergraduate students since I am a committee member of the  Biomedical Engineering Society.

 I am passionate about the pursuit of excellence in all of my activities and projects related to biomedical engineering. I have also had a lot of exposure to business and a great deal of determination to contribute to the advancement of our health care systems, especially in their capacity to care for the most vulnerable among us. My long term plans include making important contributions to health care development in my native India which I have studied extensively as well as Tanzania, my mother's birth place. Both countries suffer from a radical disparity in wealth distribution which make adequate health care for the poorer masses of society almost totally impossible, and I plan to continue to devote myself to the study of these seemingly intractable problems for the foreseeable, especially in the area of advancements in biomedical technology.  I have also visited various several other countries in both Europe and Asia, and have had the opportunity to visit many pharmaceutical, biotech and customized machine manufacturing companies along with my father. I have gained a lot of exposure to the industry through these international trips where my father helped me to learn a great deal about biomedical research and manufacturing plant operates.

 I adored two of my grandparents who were both pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, and thus from an early age I have held this profession in most high esteem and ultimately choosing Biomedical Engineering as my undergraduate specialization at UXX. I am interested in all aspects of the field yet I am particularly fascinated by biomedical signals and the full range of electronics technology that are devoted to this area, laser tweezers and EEG caps, for example, Bio transport phenomena and learning to think outside the box. I have completed major projects involving the use of phage therapy to cure cancer and the use of cancer to develop prevascularized tissue scaffolds. I am excited by my work on malignant components, viruses and cancer cells, and appreciate of the internship opportunities that I have had, especially working with Dr. XXXX and Dr. Tang, learning to master two, quite different team environments.  UXX is my first choice for graduate study because of my deep inspiration for cutting edge research in biotechnology going on in your program and I thank you for considering my application to join your diverse academic community.

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