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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MIS Masters Information, Dubai, Indian

A student from India, I hope to be accepted to your competitive Masters Program in MIS at XXXXUniversity on the basis of my creative ideas; and the fact that I am now completing an internship of almost one year in Dubai, UAE. Now acquiring a great deal of cutting-edge knowledge and recent experience, I look forward to sharing some of my experiences working with a state-of-the-art company in one of the most dynamic of all global theaters of digital advancement. I also hope to be remembered by my teachers and fellow students in the MIS Program at Northwestern as the Indian student who was full of ideas and passion for harnessing the enormous power of the Indian work force in the area of MIS, particularly in the area of healthcare informatics. Thus, I very much look forward to learning from the faculty at XXXX, especially Professors XXXX and XXXX.

Until May of 2016 I will be completing my internship with XXXX LLC Dubai, fulfilling a variety of roles and duties in the area of Industrial Customer Services in support of Digital Factory and Process Drives DF & PD, answering calls and  email of international clients, managing and editing data in the company’s CRM tool. I am responsible for migration of the CRM data to an online service portal as well as maintaining Siemens Global Service platform (GSP) and Corporate Master Data (CMD) used by end customers throughout the Gulf.

I am keen about learning everything that I can in your program about Central Budget Management Systems (CBMS), especially insofar as it is relevant and useful for health care informatics. Nothing excites me more than reading about how MIS at XXXX designed a healthcare app for the local children's hospital. Northeastern is not just my first choice because of its high ranking; I especially admire the ongoing research at your university and the interdisciplinary flavor of your research in diverse areas—especially manufacturing. Your program is ideal for a student like me with an extensive and diverse background in technology. I appreciate the opportunities that exist in MA to contribute to research and the partnerships that exist between XXXX and cutting-edge companies like Samsung who support your faculty’s efforts in the area of pattern recognition to cite just one example.

I have long been conscious of the fact that I come from a country that is projected to soon have the largest population in the world, surpassing that of China by mid-century. I have grown up in an age of enormous progress that is a direct result of technological advancement. As a child, I watched with eager enthusiasm how the cell phone transformed my native Indian society for the better. Healthcare informatics, service delivery, integrated modeling, my long term dreams and visions involve putting more and more of the many hundreds of thousands of highly qualified Indians to work in MIS, making our world ever more connected, especially in terms of health care informatics. The rest of the world needs India to help manage its health care information, because no one does it better, and we can do it for much less. At least that is my motto.

I am very much a cosmopolitan Indian man. While I was born in India, I’ve never been in one place for very long, I grew up mostly in Qatar, Singapore and Dubai and then back in India for high school and college. As I see it, much of my nation is plagued not so much by corruption—while we certainly have our share—but by sheer negligence. India already has the world’s largest population of skilled laborers and produces nearly half a million engineers per year. We have the world’s highest concentration of educated youth compared to any other nation. Yet only a small percentage of them are able to find work in our global economy. This is why I want my colleagues to remember me as the guy who came early and stayed late, because of the great promise of MIS for my people and the excitement that it generates. I want to always be the go-to guy if anyone has a MIS-related problem, beginning as a network engineer. I look forward to a long and prosperous career helping industries to make better decisions and improve their network security as a whole. After gaining sufficient knowledge and industrial experience, I hope to one-day return to my home country and help the nation by starting my own consultancy and providing specialized consulting to local clients to help advance their market share and boost our economy.

MIS is revolutionizing my country and I want very much to locate myself at the center of this action. Our network of railways is the largest in the world, the IRCTC, with an online portal that is now processing more data per second than any web other portal in the world. Millions of new apps and networks are needed to connect Indians and push the country forward. We hope to be a developed nation by 2020.

I want very much to be an integral part of this picture now taking shape and I see XXXX as the ultimate springboard to launch me on my quest. I look forward to contributing to research on Cloud Business Process Management Systems, enabling micro market companies and startups. I want to achieve expert status in CRMs (Customer Relationship Modules) since this is the backbone of all business transactions and services, particularly after the sale. Each day, I more fully appreciate the value and utility of maintaining this information on a cloud server, reducing a company’s downtime, lessening the load on servers and computer systems, all of which is good for business since it reduces the cost of service and maintenance and easy to use interfaces are so fast that users can create social media portals in one day.

I find these developments to be enormously exciting and I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program.

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