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MPA Canada, Immigrant Services, Polish, Chinese

Born in Poland and a dual citizen of Poland and the USA, I have been back to visit my family in Europe every couple of years. I also make an extended visit each couple of years to my husband’s family in Malaysia. Having close family spread around the globe from Europe to Asia has helped me to cultivate a sense of identity as a global citizen with a planetary mentality, someone who is most keen on the celebration of diversity and well read concerning diversity issues, especially in the workplace. Furthermore, I have an affinity with language. Growing up bilingual Polish/English, I also studied Mandarin Chinese intensively for a full year in Taiwan and continue to maintain this ability in addition to learning French. I am convinced that all of the above will help me to excel in your MPA Program at the University of Victoria.

I have been working as a Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA, CMA, since 2009 and a Certified Fraud Examiner since 2011. For the past four years, in particular, serving as a Tax Auditor with the Yukon Territorial Government, I have enjoyed my career in accounting and auditing. Now, however, I crave additional professional advancement and the opportunity to attain greater levels of organizational responsibility - exercising my leadership potential. I have also been extremely inspired over the course of the last several years by my volunteer service, helping new immigrants to adjust to life in Canada with the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (2010-12); as well as serving as Chairperson of the Board of Directors with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society from 2009 through 2013, where I worked to increase the society’s profile within the province and developed stable funding sources that ushered in a period of growth and development for our organization.

I am troubled by what I see as a very unfair distribution of health care resources both within Canada and especially worldwide; and I keenly look forward to studying some of the principles obstacles to progress that are involved in this area. It is in health care where I hope to distinguish myself as a public administrator and. I am convinced that I am the best fit with your rigorous Master’s Degree Program in Public Administration at the University of XXXX because of my high level of motivation and discipline and my determination to excel professionally. I also very much look forward to studying issues and engaging in discussions with peers at the University of Victoria about ways to improve our society and to safeguard the gains that we have already made in terms of diversity and inclusivity. The election of Donald Trump in the USA has me frightened and worried, along with many others, concerned with the fragility of and seeking to safeguard our liberal democracy. I am also concerned by recent backlashes against immigrants and refugees not only in Europe and the USA, but Canada as well.

Protecting and assisting the indigenous people of Canada, in particular, has been one of my longstanding passions that I hope to pursue further in the future, as an MPA student at the University of XXXX and beyond. The First Nations, in particular, have been the subject of my personal research focus for many years and I hope to have an ongoing, lifetime interaction with the rights and interests of First Nations peoples in Canada.

After earning the MPA Degree at the University of XXXX, I plan to serve as the director of a non-profit organization devoted to the public interest, fighting corruption, the protection of our natural resources and the rights of indigenous peoples in Canada, etc. It would also be the fulfillment of a professional dream or me to work for or collaborate with the United Nations at some point in my career, especially in the area of immigration or refugees in Canada.

The decade of my life and youth that I gave to Canada’s Naval Reserve Division from 1996 through 2006 will always be with me. Ultimately, the training and experience that I received in this period is also of foundational importance for whatever else I have accomplished so far or will go on to accomplish in the future. As a Leading Seaman, Cook serving on the HMCS Discovery, I was responsible for the ongoing development and training of junior food services personnel, reinforcing trade skills, developing and giving theory based lectures on topics such as menu planning, cost accounting, and work place health and safety. I coordinated the general provision of food services for 50 to 150 personnel during military training exercises including equipment and staffing requirements. Particularly as the ship’s Unit Training Coordinator and Workplace Relations Advisor as well as a member of the Ship’s Welfare Committee, I learned a wide range of basic skill sets that are at least indirectly related to public administration that will enable me to excel at the University of XXXX, everything from communications and human relations to supply chain and human nutrition.

Last year, I had the pleasure of taking a class with one of the faculty in your program at the University of XXXX, Dr. XXXX. The class, "The Art n' Craft of Public Policy" was sponsored by my employer. This further inspired me to apply to your program. I particularly appreciated how Dr. Vakil was able to deal with such highly complex policy issues in a way that was both accessible and intellectually rigorous. Finally, I appreciate the fact that your program is online - so that I can continue to work and apply what I am learning.  The University of XXXX is especially well regarded in my workplace and it would be a great honor to study at such a well respected institution of higher learning.

I thank you for considering my application.

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