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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MS Masters Architecture, Chile

As a child growing up in Viña del Mar, Chile, I was immersed in a dream city, with many facets.  In one glance, you can take in a sparkling metropolis, full of music and tourists, and in another glance Castillo Wulff, and the Palacio Vergara, reflections of Europe’s greatest dynasties.  It was the city’s diversity, its coalescence of nostalgia and unflinching youthful vitality that inspired me, bringing my feet onto the path of a life dedicated to studying and designing architecture.  The city’s juxtaposition of architectural styles, borrowing from art historical forms to modern examples of pure function has developed my unconventional gaze, making the viewer see new visual concepts, opening up unusual dimensions.  Indeed, for as long as I can remember I have been challenging my inventiveness - and the eye of the viewer - through my painting, drawing and photography, constantly, even in play, exercising my creativity.

I have reached a point in my career where I feel I have exhausted every path of opportunity, and promotion.  Truthfully, I am awed and humbled by the many extraordinary architects, people who have been my mentors, my idols, increased my knowledge of architectural standards of practice and have laid the groundwork, my preparation for graduate work.  From my time as a drafter, I worked my way steadily through many titles: detailer, CAD designer, freelance designer, project architect, construction supervisor, and senior project architect. The dozens of projects, warehouses, apartment buildings, sports complexes and corporate offices I have been a part of have allowed me to determine a design’s direction, studying buildings as cohesive systems and addressing construction issues, including ideal materials.  Working with diverse clients such as the City of New Jersey, Elizabeth Arden, Citigroup, TWA, and Marriott place me on the ideal edge of my future, ready to complete my graduate education.

 With thirteen years, over a decade of conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers, I have seen a steady, increasing need for architects with a multidisciplinary foundation from which to develop works that incorporate elements of sustainable, green building design, site planning, and green building materials research.  These observations will become the focus of my graduate research, forever changing the way I conduct business in the future, the clientele I serve, and contribute to the betterment of society.  Architects have a responsibility to the future of society, the amelioration of lives of tomorrow’s citizens, to be leaders in sustainable development, growth with a conscience and acknowledgement of the fragility of our ecosystems.  In the most practical terms, pursuing research in these incredibly important areas will build logically and naturally upon my existing foundation began in undergraduate Environmental Design of Architecture.

Through an academic relationship with the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture, I will obtain a Master’s of Architecture that will enable me to become a practicing, licensed architect of distinction, paving my way to an associate partner or studio director position at an international architectural firm.  I envision work that will take into consideration my myriad experiences coupled with my cultural competency, bilingual abilities, and international background.  Thus, I anticipate work that involves travel, consultation, coordination as well as what I do best, schematic design, design development, supervisory positions and adherence to accuracy in construction documents.  In truth, my travel throughout South America, the US, Canada, France, the CzechRepublic and Hungary have allowed me to experience portions of the dizzying array of world architecture.

 And through all of my experiences in New York City, I have come to appreciate the range of architectural treasures it encompasses.  From lovingly preserved and cherished museums and institutions, such as St. John’s University to the nostalgic relics of the age of Empire, from the festive, ceremonious glamour of Times Square to curiosities such as Dobbs Ferry and Bloomingdale Park, all of which I have been fortunate enough to have had a hand in designing buildings, living spaces and recreational areas.  I can think of no better setting within which to complete my graduate experience.

 XXXX is my sole choice for academic development, working alongside burgeoning architects, creators and innovators, will be a source of inspiration for my own work, as I aid in their work, injecting my unique perspectives and experiences.  Overall, I look forward to a scholastic experience that is a concurrence of academics and professional development.  No other field ever has, nor ever could, bring me the same level of personal and professional satisfaction.

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