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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MS, Masters, Economics, India, Poverty

As a child growing up in Mumbai, India, I was literally immersed in an atmosphere of multinational business.  Mumbai itself is the financial capital of India, and home to many multinational companies.  Growing up in this metropolitan environment has given me a vision of the world and its possibilities.  Sadly, Mumbai has its share of poverty as well, and I cannot go forward without being forever changed by what I have seen.  However, my determination is my strength and I am determined to gain more knowledge and make an impact on people lives.  I know that I cannot change the entire world but I hope to change enough people who can change the world. 

 As an undergraduate, I volunteered, aiding in rebuilding homes in socio-economically challenged areas.  No experience ever has impressed upon me more effectively the need for significant change to come to humankind.  By developing myself further, I will be better equipped to be an agent for change.

 As a person highly interested in Economics, I followed India’s current economic changes very closely, especially in how it was affected by world recession.  While half of our country works in farming, about one-third work in the new service industries.  Our government let in more foreign trade and investors but the government still owns many industries and this slows down the economy by not letting foreign investors into them.  The politics with the UPA make things harder, too.  While poverty is being slowly reduced, many still live in poverty.  I feel that there are many things that Economics can do to help this for many emerging nations.  As a good economist, I will be able to help people secure jobs and live happier lives with less tension.

 The famous American economist Alan Greenspan said, “To succeed, you will soon learn, as I did, the importance of a solid foundation in the basics of education – literacy, both verbal and numerical, and communication skills.”  I feel the same way, and that I have an excellent foundation to build on.  However, at my current educational level, I feel I would quickly exhaust every avenue of opportunity, and need to increase my depth of understanding by participating in XXU’s graduate Advanced Economics program.  This program is a logical and natural continuation of my undergraduate education.  More than this, Economics was always one of my favorite subjects and I always did very well in it.

 Right after graduating, I started working for XXXX Global Service Center, and building my understanding of the global economics and how it affects multinational companies like XXXX.  I was always fascinated how XXXX, and other companies like ours in container shipping were instrumental in economic development and global trade by connecting emerging nations with the first world.

 To work in a multinational company, one needs to be able to interact well with people of differing backgrounds, beliefs and languages.  Throughout my career, I have interacted effectively with many fellow team members, yet, I feel due to my background, I have been all the more successful because of my heritage.  I come from India, have traveled to two continents, and speak five languages competently.  While many speak of the need to be culturally competent, I have a worldview that is well rounded.  I feel that I am more sympathetic to the immigrant experience, and especially those that yearn to advance themselves to the highest levels.  This is what I will bring to the workplace as well as the classroom, as a student and future Economist.

 Additionally, I bring with me to the student body three years of practical experiences in the field.  Working for XXXX Shipping in Mumbai, I have earned many company accolades while building my understanding of world economics and their pressures.  It was my job to deal with many complex global supply chain accounts, identifying problems or handling problems as they came up, coordinating things many times in several languages.  On a personal level, I have found that one of my greatest strengths is being able to recognize my weaknesses, working on them until they become my strength.

 In order to obtain the finest education possible, I need to pursue my degree with a university with a national reputation for success.  Anyone can attend school, and walk away with a degree in Economics, but the quality of degree depends upon the technical skills learned, practiced and polished.  I need a program that will aid students in developing their ability to analyze complex economic situations, as well as help me to see how what I am learning can be used to deal with real-world problems.

 I would like to take this opportunity to express that my GMAT results do not reflect the seriousness with which I take my academics, or the mature student I truly am with three years of practical experience.  In India, I had always maintained a near-perfect GPA.  My passion for Economics has always superseded any other discipline, which is illustrated by my academic successes.

 XXU is my sole choice for further education.  Indeed, my husband is completing his Ph.D. with XXU and has had only the highest praise for the breadth, relevance and autonomy of the curriculum.  Additionally, he has remarked on the amazing faculty, and the school’s access to resources.  I believe that XXU’s program and outstanding faculty can equip me with all that I need and so much more.

 There are countless opportunities in the field of Economics and I look forward to making the field that much bigger.  Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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