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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MSc Degree in Applied Linguistics and English

An extremely hard working and dedicated woman, I was able to graduate in the top 10% of my class at XXXX University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in the area of my professional dreams: Modern Languages. And I also earned a certificate in TESOL. Because of its international renown and the enormous intellectual and cultural resources available to students, UXX is my first choice for graduate school because I seek to study in the finest, fully theoretical program on the planet. I would be most honored to receive a scholarship as this would enable me to give my all to building the ultimate academic foundation so that I could make the fullest contribution possible to our global society. My long term aspiration is to continue studying towards the Ph.D. Degree and, thus, have the requisite education for a lifetime of continuous study and research. I look forward with keen anticipation to a full immersion in the theoretical examination of language acquisition, bolstered by my own personal and professional experiences as a language learner, teacher, and communications specialist: the cutting-edge issues and debates taking place in theoretical linguistics as well as applied linguistics and English language training pedagogy. Among my numerous areas of ongoing professional engagement, I have a particularly passionate interest in Chomsky's work in linguistics and grammar and its relation to the gathering and analysis of empirical language data: the implications of these linguistic and grammatical paradigms for modern language study, description, analysis and pedagogy.

Perhaps my greatest achievement, especially for a non-European, is the fact that I speak five languages fluently. My family in Montreal is very multicultural; mother is French but also speaks fluent Spanish, while my father’s native language is English. Thus, I grew up fluently multilingual, surrounded by various cultures and languages from a very early age. I am told that ever since I was an infant, I have been drawn to new languages, new friends, and my inherently gregarious disposition is perhaps my greatest asset: an open mind, ears, and especially heart. My family also instilled in me a deep and abiding passion for travel, helping me to add Italian and German to the list of languages that I write as well as speak at a very high level of competence. While I enjoyed playing as any child, my early games also involved linguistic puzzles, and I have always found the mysteries of grammatical relationships between various languages to be especially fascinating; the way that Germanic languages, for example, have so many Latin roots (genitiv, dativ, akkusative). Truly, I am destined—I could even say programmed in today’s jargon—for a lifetime of investigation into the nuances of comparative language development, especially pronunciation. More recently, these interests have been further enhanced by my mastery of basic Japanese.

My studies in cognitive and language psychology have further prepared me to excel in your program: the relationship between the brain and language learning, language rules, how children learn unconsciously. I look forward to further research into how the brain processes language rules and the relevance of this for pedagogy and the development of increasingly effective language learning curriculums. I also believe that my 8 years of professional experience—in TESOL, global communications, public relations, and the organization of training program for students and international research in corporate communication—will help me to excel in your program.

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