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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David


PsyD, Latino, Clinical-Community, Sexuality

Entering into a quality PsyD program is a decision based upon many factors, not the least of which is that I feel that I will quickly exhaust every path of opportunity and challenge at my current academic level.  More importantly, though is my desire to fulfill a dream that began long before I ever entered higher education: the desire to help other at all costs, particularly those struggling with the assorted difficulties that stem from socio-economically depressed and crime-ridden communities.

 To date, not one day, nor one task was ever more personally or professional satisfying in my nine plus years in the Navy than when I was serving the needs of others, ensuring that sexual assault victims got the help they needed, instructing others in equal opportunity and sexual harassment issues, and mentoring junior military personnel.

 Combined with my own personal experiences, formal education, and pursuit of a graduate degree in Human Relations, I have seen the areas I most want to investigate further in my PsyD education, specifically how to bring about sustainable change in the lives of individuals within socio-economically depressed and crime-ridden communities.  There is a distinct need to help at-risk families – as units and individuals – who struggle for stability and peace in their lives.  I have a personal stake in investigation schizophrenia, and the effects this disease have upon immediate family members.  Too often family members are on the front lines of dealing with this condition, and are often ill equipped.  Bringing my own experiences to my research work will make me an effective counselor post-graduation.

 Earning a PsyD will enable me to bring my goals, ambitions – my dreams – to fruition, namely serving immigrant, and minority populations within socio-economically depressed communities as a clinical psychologist, ideally in my own private practice.  People’s individual perceptions of their surroundings are the basis of their happiness and those around them.  By helping people find viable solutions to those issues, will give those in need the tools to make positive, sustainable change.  Community wide change starts within the individual.

 In conjunction with my solid academic foundation in Human Relations, I bring with me to the student body over nine years of professional experiences working and interacting within ethnically and culturally diverse, multidisciplinary groups of individuals.  Furthermore, I feel that this combined with my fluency in English and Spanish, and fluency in the American Hispanic/Latino experience, will aid me invaluably in my serving and being sensitive to the unique needs of minority and immigrant populations.  Indeed, my military experiences in nine countries spread across four continents have shown me the hardships facing families within emerging nations.

 To help others is my passion, and my calling.  Never will I let the hardships, and challenges I worked so hard to overcome to ever have been in vain.  Earning my PsyD will enable me to help others break cycles of abuse, despair and rekindle people’s belief in themselves, that they are truly worthy and deserving of happiness.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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