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CRNA Program, Nurse from the UAE

Since I finished high school in the UAE in computer programming and IT, it has been my goal to become first a nurse and then a CRNA. Shortly after graduation, I immigrated to the US, in January of 2003.  The only people that I knew in the US when I came here were my grandmother and uncle who were li…

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MSN, Masters, Nursing Anesthesia, ICU, Pharmacy

I have reached a level of maturity and exposure in my critical care nursing where I feel completely equipped, motivated and able to handle the opportunity and rigors of a challenging CRNA program.  Moreover, these past six years in ICU, working alongside amazing CRNAs, and discussing my future in Nu…

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MSN, Masters Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA, Asian

As a girl growing up with one Thai parent and one Vietnamese parent, mostly, I looked after my mentally challenged little brother.  The care, love and attention I gave him came from my heart, and was a daily responsibility I took on without hesitation.  He needed me, was relying on me, and I was t…

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MSN, Masters Nurse Anesthesiology (CRNA)

The seriousness with which I have approached my education, volunteerism, decorated military service and two decades of practical clinical experience is evidence of my desire to take my nursing career as far as I possibly can.  Excelling in my nursing courses with Rush, earning a near-perfect GPA, …

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Masters, Nursing Anesthesia, CRNA

Throughout my adult life, I have known the value of a quality education.  Moreover, I have never lost sight of my dream: to become the finest nurse I possibly can.  In order to bring my plans to fruition, I need to enter into an academic relationship with a School of Nursing whose breadth and au…

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MSNA, Master’s of Science Nurse Anesthesia

In 2004, my successful fifteen-year career in the field of IT was brought to an abrupt end.  While I had enjoyed my time with Hyperion Services, a job in which I received many commendations, and developed many managerial, communication, IT and interpersonal skills, all within a deadline-oriented env…

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