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CRNA Diversity, Black, white, and Japanese

An ICU nurse who is Black, white, and Japanese, I thrive on the celebration of our increasingly diversified workplace and relate well to people from all backgrounds or walks of life. The operating room is the center of my world because helping my patients as an ICU nurse is my service to my communit…

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Master’s Nurse Anesthesia, African-American

The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because I feel strongly that I am the best fit for your Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia Program as a result of my educational and clinical background. Motivated, determined, and resilient, I am an African-American woman for whom life has bee…

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CRNA, Nurse Single Mother Role Model

The number one highlight of my career as a nurse so far was going on a medical mission to Costa Rica in 2014. I could not be more certain that being accepted to your cutting-edge Master’s Program to become a CRNA at the XXXX School of Anesthesia will provide me with the capacity and the inspiration …

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CRNA, 6 years ICU Experience, Ukraine

I have wanted to become a CRNA since my first clinical rotation as a nursing student in the Operating Room in Reno, NV. Most attracted to the autonomy, professional respect, financial stability, and privileges of service that are accorded to the CRNA, I hope very much to be selected to earn my seco…

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