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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MS Computer Engineering, Latina

I never learned time management skills from a book, or in a classroom; I learned them raising my two daughters and going to school full-time.  The results speak for themselves: consistent superior academic performance, graduating in the upper echelon of my class, speaks of the seriousness with which I approach the academic process and my personal maxims for success.  Overall, I have maintained almost a decade of conceptual continuity in my career and academics.

 In the US Army, I got my introduction to the field of electrical engineering when repairing and maintaining complex medical equipment systems.  I was smitten with the work, and eager to learn more.  Upon my honorable discharge, I immediately began my undergraduate study of electrical engineering.

 Indeed, my undergraduate experiences are leading perfectly into my planned graduate track.  Just this past summer, I was able to participate in a Summer Research Experience for undergraduates that introduced us to the rudiments of unmanned air vehicle research, particularly tri-turbo fan airships.  These vehicles are changing the way the military,  police and other services conduct reconnaissance, communicate and more, making not only more cost-effective decisions, but potentially saving lives.  What is more, this is an incredibly relevant research experience, one that I intend to pursue further in my graduate studies, as these vehicles increasingly require microprocessors that are faster and more efficient to perform at optimal levels.

 XXXX University is my sole choice for further education.  No other school will enable me to conduct the in-depth research into computer engineering that I intend to conduct, particularly focusing on issues of low power consumption, aiding me in my plans for designing microprocessors that can run at ultra-low power levels, and therefore faster processing speeds without overheating.  Additionally, the incredible faculty and extensive state-of-the-art facilities at XXXX will allow me to research computer architecture, particularly embedded systems, with expert guidance.  I bring with me academic experiences involving the study of microcomputers, embedded systems signals and robotics.  This has cemented my belief that embedded processors are where my passion for research truly lies.

 For the future, I anticipate working in industry, leading innovate, cutting-edge research and development projects dealing with the design of super-fast, extremely power- efficient processors.  As a Project Manager, I will be utilizing my military background, and the leadership skills developed, tested and proven in the clinical engineering division at the US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe.  In truth, it is my aim to ameliorate and facilitate the growth of entire societies by building better, more capable computers – thinking machines - with an ever-watchful eye on the issues of sustainability and lower power consumption; to truly make a difference.

 Furthermore, having come from Bogota, Colombia, being raised, educated, and worked in five countries across three continents before I was twenty-three, not only am I bilingual, I have the ability to interact effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, from different walks of life and belief systems.  In the industrial world, I anticipate leading multidisciplinary teams of professionals that come from myriad cultures, and given my own multinational experiences and background, I will be all the more effective.  Moreover, my multicultural background and experiences are what I bring to the student body along with the ability to speak intelligently about the field of computer engineering.

 I am intent upon filling my time, my life, with being the best computer-engineering researcher possible.  This is my field, the only field that has brought me the greatest level of personal and professional satisfaction, above any other discipline.  There are countless opportunities in the field of computer engineering, and standing in the middle of it, one cannot see its edges.  Through a position in a quality educational program, I can help make that field even larger.  Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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