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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Army Congressional Fellowship Program (ACFP)

For twenty-two years, I have served the US Army and the people of San Francisco and am eager to begin a new chapter in my career, one that combines service to my country as well as developing a deeper understanding of the role and duties of the Legislative Liaison.

 If selected for the ACFP, I envision completing a graduate Legislative Liaison program, building my exposure in the field as a Legislative Assistant to the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  Moreover, through my position, I will be ensuring that elected officials ensure that their constituents’ concerns regarding the military are heard and addressed accordingly.  It is my distinct aim to be an intermediary between the people and elected officials in military matters.

 I bring with me to the ACFP a solid academic foundation in Political Science, Global Management as well as Law.  Coupled with this is my legal background, particularly my decade of legal work with the San Francisco D.A.’s office, and three years of pro-bono work through the Bar Association of San Francisco.  Aiding my transition to Legislative Liaison work is my experience working for the Department of Army, work that increased invaluably my practical exposure to working with senators on Strategic Army issues.  In the most practical terms, I have traveled throughout three continents, am culturally competent and am proficient in four languages, developed skills that will allow me to communicate effectively with concerned parties, reaching out to them in their arterial languages.

 It is my belief that my service record combined with academic performance and professional career have prepared me for the challenge and opportunity the ACFP presents.  No other branch of service has nor ever could bring me the same intense level of pride, personal or professional satisfaction.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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