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MSN, FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nigeria

As a girl, growing up in Nigeria, I experienced public health issues that most Americans will, thankfully, never have to live through.  There was little emphasis on preventative medicine, even after the end of military rule, as our government sought to recover from years of corruption that had crippled public institutions and hospitals.

Since coming to America, I have spent the last ten years in my professional and academic careers aiding in the amelioration of lives, and have only been left wanting to give more.  Pursuing an MSN with an emphasis in FNP is more than a logical or natural progression, it is a life choice backed by budding clinical acumen and exposure in an array of experiences, levels of care, and extensive volunteerism.

 Moreover, XXXX Nursing will aid in bringing my dreams to reality, namely more hands-on experiences, diagnosing and managing an entire range of conditions.  Additionally, I am intent upon reaching out to pregnant teens as well as socio-economically challenged populations that lack health insurance.  XXXX Nursing is my sole choice for nursing education.  No other school could offer me a greater breadth and autonomy of curriculum, consistently standing out from the background noise of other nursing schools.  Nursing for me, and where it can take me is weaving a dream that never ends, a dream that includes becoming a DNP, and eventually a CEO of a hospital.

 As an FNP, I will be a leader in my community, an advocate and representative for nursing.  More importantly, as a Black woman, born and raised in Africa, I have walked more than a mile in the immigrant’s shoes, and will bring much needed diversity to the US healthcare system; a role model for children of color.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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