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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



MISDI Mgmt of IS and Digital Innovation, Chinese

I am fully aware of the extremely competitive nature of your distinguished MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MISDI) Program at the University of XX (XXU). Nevertheless, I have hope to I believe not to be unfounded, primarily as a result of my academic preparation in the USA. I also hope to be accepted on the basis of my creative ideas for Education in the area of Digital Innovation in my native China. I am also a good fit for your program because of my devotion to teaching and digital education. I have already become quite familiar with Western teaching approaches as a result of earning my undergraduate degree at XXXX University. Some of my best work so far has been in the area of Chinese culture and literature through Western eyes. My professor in this area is one of the professors who is writing me a letter of recommendation.

China is generally regarded as being less developed, less competitive in MIS than in other areas. This suggests that there are huge opportunities for future development of which I hope to take full advantage. If accepted into your distinguished program at the LSE, I will give my studies 100% and graduate with much sharper vision and a diverse tool kit that will enable me to find my ideal job in a consulting firm and eventually move into an executive position. The education that I hope to receive at XXU is unmatched, worldwide, in terms of what I most aspire to: becoming a world citizen with a humanitarian touch that knows no frontiers, harnessing science to make the world a better place for all of us to live, being a humanitarian business man to the extent to which it is possible to do so. For this I seek the finest education in the world at XXU.

I want very much to devote my professional life to helping small businesses and non-profits to grow in China as a result of enhanced MIS. Small businesses represent over 95% of the total and already contribute to more than 50% of the GDP; but I want to see that second number increase as a result of continued, rapid, and most of all the ‘sustainable’ growth of our burgeoning middle class. I am worried about economic stagnation in China and the devastating consequences that it could have for the very survival of so many, in addition to threatening our progress in the area of human rights. With growing domestic and international competition some of our miraculous economic motors have begun to sputter; thus, increasingly, many small businesses owners are beginning to realize the importance of MIS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Resource constraints combined with unsophisticated management structures have put millions of Chinese business people with their backs up against the wall. In most cases, ERP is the only way forward. It is do or die and I feel privileged to prepare myself for a leadership role in this area since it holds such enormous potential.

Many businesses in China face severe problems when choosing to adopt ERP. According to one survey, only 30% of Chinese small businesses have successfully integrated an ERP system.

My father’s businesses, gas stations, are a good example; he started the company in 1996 and has been serving his customers night and day now for almost 20 years. Although he offered promotions such as free car wash services for the purchase of more than 30 liters of gas, the recordings of such transaction were still paper-based. It has always been a problem to collect customer information, not to mention analyzing data in order to generate future growth. My dad didn't even realize this was a problem until I introduced him to the concept of ERP and data management. These days millions of small business owners like my father are being forced to make what is for most of them very difficult changes, surrendering manual control of outmoded forms of business management, entering new worlds computer-based business development in order to stay competitive, collecting, analyzing, and putting data to work.

Nothing excites me more than helping a small noodle vendor to manage his inventory and supply of ingredients through a mobile app. I am determined to apply my knowledge to help these small businesses to grow and thrive. Most broadly speaking, and this speaks to why I have my heart set on XXU as my first choice, I want to acquire the most rigorous education possible concerning the specific challenges faced by and in second and third world countries in the development of the information systems that they need in order to make progress and I want to understand these challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. For this reason it would be a special honor for me to study under Professor XXXX because of my profound admiration for her research concerning IT and social/organizational change in the Developing World.

While I look forward to spending what will probably be decades serving as an international corporate executive, setting up my own IT service company has long been my special dream.

I chose to major in Information System and Technology Management for my undergraduate studies because of the way that it unified my three principal interests and strengths—statistical science, management science and computer science. I initially faltered in my freshman year from a dose of culture shock, but I soon recovered and my initially low grades rapidly improved enabling me to finish with an overall GPA of 3.53 and a core-course GPA of 3.7, making the Dean’s List for two semesters. I am especially strong in statistics and have learned to use statistical software such as R and SPSS to generate statistical analysis reports and I am learning a great deal at the moment in a graduate level class “Web and Social Analytics,” analyzing real time data and providing optimizing solutions for companies from Harvard Business Cases by using Excel PivotTables and R. I have also taken a programming course and mastered the use of Python, building an application that allows users to build their portfolios based on real-time stock market performance. I am ready to hit the ground running in database management and applications.

I visited XXU during the Spring break of 2013 and fell in love with the school and the city of London. The diligence of the students impressed me, especially when I saw some of them asleep on the library floor. I live for case studies and discussion based approaches to learning. I have learned to work with people from many diverse backgrounds and thrive on teamwork. In my Systems Analysis and Design class, for example, I have worked together with students from the Middle East and Europe as well as America to develop an online system to trade hyper cars; we completed a 25-page proposal that included the development process and system implementation strategy. And this is just one of example from 12 teamwork-based classes in which I have excelled so far and had an opportunity to develop my leadership skills as a group leader.

Finally, I very much appreciate the XXU’s extensive contacts with international business and governmental organizations. The city of London itself is a great resource for studying the intersection of human organization and digital innovation.

I thank you for considering my application.

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