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MBA, Masters, Indian Immigrant

Having reached a point in my professional career where I feel I have exhausted every possible avenue or promotion and challenge at my current academic level, I am eager to immerse myself in a challenging graduate Business Administration program that will increase my understanding and grasp of complex finance and marketing strategies.  Moreover, completing the MBA at XXXX’s Business School will fully equip me for bringing my plans for the future – my dreams – to fruition, particularly, as per my ten-year career plan, a lead role in the management of a large-scale investment, financial or consulting institution.

 Having been heavily involved in giving of my time and energy to others through volunteerism, I feel that upon graduating, I will have a position in the community that commands a certain level of social responsibility, something I take quite seriously.  I envision contributing to the curriculums of secondary school education, introducing young adults to basic business concepts, giving them the opportunity to understand contemporary business and economic models that literally surround them.

 Solid evidence of my commitment to the community can be found in my volunteer head coach position, leading both boys and girls tennis teams at my old high school for the past two-and-a-half years.  Taking my team all the way to number one in our league was an amazing experience, but not as personally satisfying as the impact I had on one particular young lady with an eating disorder.  While her condition led to her being excused from the team, I was instrumental in getting her into an institution where she could begin the process of healing.  Visiting her regularly, I supported her through probably her life’s greatest trial, a literal fight for her life.  I am proud to report she returned to our team, going on to becoming our MVP.  The impact I have on the court for these young people, the camaraderie we build, is nothing compared to being able to change their lives for the better, being not just their coach, but a mentor as well.

 Off the court and in the business world, I put into practice my undergraduate foundation in Business Administration and Accountancy leading projects for XXXX, a massive national company that has partners in highly diverse tertiary industrial areas.  In my role as a financial analyst and accountant, I have excelled, meeting goals in both team situations as well as exhibiting proven ability to work on detail-oriented tasks autonomously.  I feel that the success I have had as a team member for Cort is a reflection of my diverse background.  As an immigrant from India living the US, I have come to appreciate how truly diverse the world is, to be comfortable in my own skin.  This has also developed my ability to communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds, creeds and cultures, not to mention my ability to speak three languages fluently.  Additionally, I have been influential in the running of Caltronics Business Systems, my own family’s business that has grown to eight offices.

 XXXX University’s School of Business is my sole choice for scholastic development.  No other school can offer me the same autonomy and breadth of curriculum combined with a critical eye trained on global context of business issues.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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