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BSc Nursing UK, Pharmacy

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to create and innovate, a capability that is always known to transcend the active acquisition of knowledge. In this era of globalization, I decided not to just get enthralled by the sociological marvels, but to play my part in it. In view of such global scenario, my decision to pursue Certificate course in Aged Care Work that would open the gateway to enhanced career options leading to Nursing in Medical Sector.

The path, to realize the dream of being a part of Medical Segment, will no doubt be tough, but full of challenges, which I will accept. Development of any country is characterized by its infrastructure.

Hence, after higher secondary education, I opted for career in BSc (Hons) Professional Nursing Studies in University of Wolverhampton as I am very much interested to study in UK.

My Father is a Businessman. My mother is a home maker. I have one younger brother studying in Seventh standard.

Talking about academic qualification I have studied English medium. English has been the language of instruction throughout my academic career. I cleared my S.S.C. Examination from C.B.S.E, Delhi with 60.2% in the year 2003 and passed my H.S.S.C. with 52.3% in the year 2005 from Maharashtra State Board. I have also given my IELTS Examination.

After my H.S.S.C, I appeared for the first year examination in Diploma in Pharmacy from Guru Nanak Technical Institute. Along with this I assist my Father in his business. To expand his business I went on business tours.

Now I am looking for a field in which I could contribute in positive way to the society and my country. Throughout my Educational life I have had a great deal of admiration for aiding people and have always aspired to serve them. I could not think of any other field besides the nursing field. I strongly felt that nursing would be a profession that would give me a good degree of work satisfaction; it’s noblest of all professions.

The reason why I want to study in UK is because during my BSc (Hons) Professional Nursing Studies from University of Wolverhampton I’ll get international exposure and have better practical knowledge too along with my theoretical studies. My thirst for the right course made me to look for the courses that were available overseas. This was how I came across this course in one of reputed Universities in UK.  I felt this was the right choice, the course contents are suitably designed and it is very practically oriented. I wish to take up nursing on a more professional basis and look forward to employ myself with good Medical Institute on my return to India.

I strongly believe that a successful completion of the course from University XXXX will give me good opportunities for my future.

I also feel that I would be able to help the community of my country in my own little way and make my contribution for providing services to the Nursing Segment of Medical Sector.

I would like to conclude by requesting you to grant me the offer to study in University of XXXX

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