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MS Nutritional Science, Singapore

Food is my first love and the more I learn about nutrition, health, and the importance of preventive medicine for public health and well-being, the more I hope to be accepted to your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Nutritional Science at XXXX University.

Still only 20 years old, I have made good progress at my short term goal of seeing the world. Born in Singapore, and leaving for the USA at the age of 17, I have now been here for 3 years. My visits to Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong also served to broaden my horizons and enhance my appreciation for good practices in nutrition.

To be an effective registered dietitian and save lives, especially over the long term, I feel strongly that we need to be highly effective educators; especially the kind of educator who empowers others to take charge of their lives by making life-saving lifestyle changes, primarily with respect to their diets.

I am an advocate of preventive medicine, education people live in such a way that they do not get sick. In fact, I like to think of it as curing 'future illnesses' before they actually occur; before it is too late.

I will be graduating from XXXX University within a few months, in May of 2015 and I hope to begin your program the following Fall of this year, 2015. California State University, XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons primarily the sheer excellence of your program.

With the great knowledge base that I will acquire by completing your program I hope to spend the rest of my professional life as an accomplished researcher in my field, especially after several years of professional experience.

I hope to be a catalyst for others to improve and change their lives for the better, and to serve as a good role model for others in terms of health and diet. I seek to inspire, to heal, and to prevent disease. I can think of no work more noble then this.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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