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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David



Post-Graduate Diploma, Psychology

Very mature for only 23, I am a Sri Lankan woman who immigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1994. So, I have become mostly Australian since I immigrated while still a child; yet, I am fascinated by my own ethnicity and the immigrant experience of many others around me as well. Furthermore, I am convinced that the field of Psychology in Australia has much to offer to the immigrant experience, especially insofar as immigrant families often face enormous psychological challenges overcoming barriers, in language and with respect to many other factors as well, cultural norms, difficulty with government bureaucracy, and a tendency to internalize their status as inferior members of society, to name a few. It is here at this intersection of psychology and cultural identity—immigrant issues—that I hope to make my major contribution someday to the field that I have chosen. I am interested in studying a great deal more about the whole range of psychological issues, especially as they are relevant to Australian and Sri Lankan societies. I like to think that Sri Lankans are especially serious and dedicated people and that by struggling every day to make a valuable contribution to my societies, that I will be able to reflect well on my nation of origin and its people.

I completed my B.S. degree in Psychology at XXXX University in XXXX and I wish to continue my education at XXXX University because I am so very happy here, and I feel most comfortable studying in this environment. I think that it is important that I study on a graduate level where I have already learned to feel comfortable since this will provide me with the optimal environment for making the most of my studies. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of Clinical and Behavioral Psychology. I am especially fascinated by how people’s personalities and experience with the world affects the way they think and react to situations. I am especially drawn to clinical psychology, I think, because I am a compassionate person and I hope to build a long and distinguished career helping others who suffer.  I have greatly enjoyed my studies of psychology so far, especially the various disorders in the DSM4 and distinguishing between two or more disorders and the challenges involved in such tasks.  

I hope to be a success in studying psychology on the graduate level and in the future become a registered Clinical/Behavioral Psychologist working in a hospital with trauma patients or in a clinic. I would very much appreciate the opportunity at some point in my career to work with other Tamil speakers, since I speak and read the language fluently and I see it as part of my valuable heritage. I have many characteristics that would make me a good candidate for postgraduate study, especially the will and intense interest to make my goals a reality. I have extensive volunteer experience assisting those recovering from mental illness to become more active and productive members of the community.

I very resilient as a result of my life experiences, especially the death of my father at the age of 7 and the difficult move and adjustment to Australia that soon followed. I had to learn a new language, become accustomed to a new culture, and—being the eldest child—begin working very early on to help my widowed mother.  I now look forward to a long and productive life helping others to deal with traumatic life experiences. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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