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MPH Masters Public Health New York City

Probably the strongest aspect of my application to your competitive MPH Program at XXXX University is my proven track record of support for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. I have spent countless hours as a volunteer with NYC Hope doing homeless outreach as well as XXXX where I work in the food pantry and mailroom. These folks have become an especially important part of my community and my identity. I also volunteer at NYC XXXX, mostly visiting nursing homes and helping recent immigrants to learn English. Finally, I help high school students fill out applications to and serve as Chaperon on trips to visit colleges. I have two current professional positions; at one, SCO Family Services, I visit youth in foster care and assess their need for assistance; in the other, I facilitate services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

I hope to earn the Master’s Degree in Public Health from XXXX University because I see your program as the ultimate springboard upon which to launch my career as a public health professional, dedicated to improving access to and the quality of health care for special populations that face special challenges or tend to fall through the cracks in the system. I believe that everyone, including youth in foster care and everyone who is afflicted with the scourge of cancer deserve our support and, in particular, access to a high quality of health care. I believe that improving access to and the quality of health care that we provide as a community requires a holistic approach or way of thinking. I am looking forward to working in a professional environment that will allow me to continue to grow and exercise my creativity so as to have a positive impact on health care policy and practice in my community. I am especially looking forward to studying the way in which public health problems tend to be rooted in the experiences of early childhood. Thus, I want to focus on the ways that public health initiatives for children can be improved through a better understanding of family and social conditions.

During my four years in college, I became caregiver for both my mother and my aunt who were diagnosed with terminal cancer. I threw myself into the study of the battle against cancer and care for the victims. As part of this process, I quickly began to realize that many Americans simply suffer from a lack of health care resources because they are poor, and my resentment at this injustice began to grow. I grew enormously personally and professionally as a result of the double tragedy that I faced during those years that should have been the most carefree and enjoyable of my life. I made the most of it by devoting myself to my studies and spending as much time as possible caring for my mother and my aunt while I still had them with me. I thank you for considering my application.

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