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Han Bao, Owner,, Can someone please help me with my Personal Statement for a Medical Residency?

Some of the proposed projects not passed, while the most successful project is the iBridge Talk. I have to be very resourceful! ( such as finding the media team, the physician team and convince them to do it with us with limited budget. I act as the producer of a program working with physicians, and produce team. Make it broadcast on the local tv Sinovision. Producing health education videos required a lot of communication across teams and pushed me to learn new skills in social media too. I also have to write the health education script to make it more fun and easy to understand by the public.

a large scale event with more than 2000 people coming. I have to be very RELIABLE and responsible.(

Health fair is a large-scale event marked by uncertainty and time-pressure. The uncertainty means everything could happen on that day. time pressure means meanwhile preparing the events, we have to be apporved by the citywide park department, the police department and the fire deparment. I have to all of the paperwork approved on time. I have to rehearse everything in my mind milions time just in case anything happens. I also have to make sure all sponsors will come and offer them the best expereince on that day. I have to make sure the public consider it is a good event too. Meanwhile I have clinical work as the physician asssistant and cliniclal rotation in New Jersy.

Time pressure also because the manager quit I have to do everything. all the work is put on me. While cleaning the mass the manager left, and preparing the huge event at the same time.

The decision to study medicine isn't one made upon one mind-blowing experience since I was brought up in a family of six generations of doctors. In fact, it's made upon the accumulation of various experiences including studying Health care ethics, physician assistant work expereice in US, and a keenness to work with non-profit have reinforced my belief that pursuing a career in internal medicine is the right choice for me.

During the intern year in the hospital with huge patient load and demands in medical school, I witnessed tears, arguments and confronted dilemmas across various levels. Whenever the patient is admitted I aways have a treatment plan and a discharge plan at the same time as soon as possible due the limit stay the insurance company could cover. As a result, the number of turnover rate and readmission rate are always beautiful in our team. However, from deep of my heart I wish I could spend more time with the pt. I realised that most of the patients wanted to be listened to and treated as people, not problems. I sought to upskill and self-learning various facets of communication and healthcare, which intensified my interest in the nature of conflicts arising from moral imperatives. My passion for humanity and philosophy in medicine led me to the States to study health care ethics.

Through meetings with my mentor, department residents, and social workers , I developed a deep appreciation for the legal and ethical issues that surround the US health care system. This path I have followed has opened doors for me to have an expanded approach to what it means to practice medicine as an internist in the US. Following the completion of my training in ethics, I considered establishing financial stability a priority while preparing for USMLE. Therefore, I started work for outpatient clinics and NPOs, multitasking as a physician assistant, a office manager,and a president assistant of a NPO. It was in these years,  I discovered an innate desire to solve problems and learned to be reliable, dependent, and resourceful.

Establishing a NPO from the beginning, working as the only employee of a new NPO serving 7 board members including all the paperwork (BYLAWS,LOGOS, meeting minutes, website: It is not easy to communicate between board members and make them all agree on one thing, such as logo, such as slogan, such as a new project. It not only requires a lot of hardwork but also wxcellent communication skills. All these NPO management are new to me so I have to learn it my self and be very independent.



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I make good money with the donations on my web site and I can afford to pay a good editor!

My English not so good, especially writing. I also need somebody edit CV  too and make better.

Bao, Han

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Medical Education

Nanjing Medical University, China 09/2007 - 07/2012

M.B.,B.S., 07/2012


Graduate - Goldey-Beacom College, Wilmington, DE Health Care Management

09/2015 - 12/2021

M.B.A.; 12/2021

Graduate - Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia Health Care Ethics

09/2012 - 07/2014

M.A.; 07/2014

Membership and Honorary/Professional Societies

President of the First Aid Association of Nanjing Medical University from 2009-2010 Board Member of Association of Chinese American Physicians(ACAP) since 2021; Alpha Chi National College Honor Society from MBA in 2021.

Medical School Awards

The Best Operation Prize in the Youth Competition of First Aid Drilling of Jiangsu Province held by Red Cross Society of China Jiangsu Branch, May 2009;

The Excellence Prize in the Youth Competition of First Aid Drilling of Nanjing City held by Red Cross Society of China Nanjing Branch, May 2010;

Individual First Prize in Physical Examination held by Nanjing Medical University, Jun 2011;

The First Group Prize in the Fourth Competition of the Clinical Skills by Nanjing Medical University, Jun 2011.

Certification/Licensure BLS Certified, 09/01/2022

Volunteer Experience 07/2022 - 08/2022

Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL, United States of America

Student Physician, Dr. Aftab Khan

Rotated with attending Dr. Khan in internal medicine on an inpatient service

Shadowed resident, Dr. Barrett, during his shifts including night calls

Average Hours/Week: 40

2. Evaluated patients, recorded patient histories, presented cases to the attending and the resident, and developed differential diagnoses and management plans

06/2022 - 07/2022

LaSante Health Center, New York, NY, United States of America Student Physician, Dr. Emmanuel Valery

Rotated with Dr. Valery in an internal medicine outpatient clinic

Average Hours/Week: 20

Evaluated patients, presented cases, and developed differential diagnoses and management plans

Assisted the attending with coding and clinical documentation for ICD-10