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Kristin Moore, Carlow University Application in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Master's Degree


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Carlow University is my first choice among master’s degree programs in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) for several reasons, especially your unique clinical resources and externship opportunities. Born and raised in America to Taiwanese parents, my first languages were Mandarin and Taiwanese. I learned English mainly in the school system, in immersion programs alongside mostly speakers of Spanish. Hence, I learned to speak fluent Spanish as well growing up. As a fluent/native communicator in 4 languages, I have something special to give to an SLP program and beyond, providing voice therapy for adult populations in nursing facilities and other multilingual settings. 


I hope to utilize the program’s unique clinic and externship settings to meet my goals 

SLP with. Researching and implementing treatment strategies that consider mental health and populations with psychiatric disorders. Bilingual Spanish interest. 

As someone who spent my childhood in a bilingual immersion school, I have been provided with both English and Spanish speech therapy before, and hope that I can provide the same for underserved populations 

My primary volunteer work has been with the International Companions for Learning program through National Taiwan University, where I have volunteered with elementary and junior high schools across the island of Taiwan as a cultural ambassador and teacher. This volunteering has spanned from 2019-2022. 




Contribution to Society:






Educational Background, Degre:CSU Chico Communication Sciences & Disorders B.S. Major and B.A. Major in Asian Studies, CSU Chico, May 19, 2023 graduation. Study abroad exchange at National Taiwan University 2019-2020 in Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Mandarin Chinese language learning), 


Relevant Travels:In the later half of 2019, I was able to embark on a study abroad experience to Taiwan and earn credits towards the Asian Studies program offered at Chico. I lived there in 2019, 2020, and 2021. This provided me a chance to experience multiculturalism and globalized perspectives in a new way not available to me before. It was in Taiwan that I began taking classes in Mandarin and started my volunteer work with International Companions for Learning. This program with my exchange university paired myself and a local Taiwanese university student with elementary and junior high schools in rural Taiwan. I had the opportunity to design curriculum and cultural activities for Skype sessions and in-person meetings with rural students across the island of Taiwan. This program changed many of my perceptions on education and the importance of multicultural outreach, and I gladly continued volunteering each year into 2022. I learned more about bilingual and multicultural outreach for students and how to work with non-English speakers. 






Professional Experience (Opti:Organizations: Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honor Society (Chapter President), ME Literary Magazine, NSSLHA, ASHA Special Interest Group 17–Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders Accomplishments - International Companions for Learning 2019-2022 , The Orion student newspaper Reporter 


Volunteer Experience (Optiona: It involved creating and presenting educational content and activities to students in rural or indigenous schools, via Skype and in-person when possible. Outreach events took place across Taiwan while I was there from 2019-2020. I have volunteered with NSSLHA for events including a Halloween run and Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 


Prizes, Awards, Hobbies, Othe:California State University Chico Dean’s List, member of the International Foreign Language Honor Society, Phi Sigma Iota California State Seal of Biliteracy, Spanish International Companion for Learning, Taiwan Ministry of Education with National Taiwan University, for cultural ambassadorship and educational outreach visits across rural Taiwan 


Add a message or upload rough:Thank you! I'm applying to an SLP master's program, here's my personal statement draft: In my earlier period as an undergraduate student exploring the communication sciences and disorders degree, I had the privilege of working with a faculty member who inspired me in the pursuit of a speech-language pathology career. Through my early impressions of speech-language pathology, I’d imagined that the academic and graduate experience was placed mostly in school settings. However, my professor and her dedication to the adult population changed my perspective drastically. Her initiative to incorporate more coursework and case studies on strokes and traumatic brain injuries in particular showed me the impact speech-language pathologist educators can make within the field, and the importance of a versatile and evolving environment for student clinicians. As my passion for learning more about these topics grew, my academic objectives and graduate study plans became rooted in adult populations and treating cognitive and communication skills. While I’m eager to gain experience in all clinical settings, I’m particularly passionate about working with treatment around cerebrovascular accidents, memory, aphasia, and cognition. As someone who spent my childhood in a bilingual immersion school, I have been provided with both English and Spanish speech therapy before, and hope that I can provide the same for underserved populations in need of treatment in their native language. While all age groups and settings deserve greater language diversity from clinicians, I feel particularly passionate about providing this for those in a medical setting at their most vulnerable. . Graduate school is a difficult endeavor for anyone, but with Carlow’s opportunity for a more tailored experience, I will have the chance to dive into settings I’m most committed to. Through my previous experience in coursework, clinical observation, and volunteering in a skilled nursing facility, I have seen the crucial role speech-language pathologists play in helping individuals of all backgrounds, and I feel very fortunate to find an avenue toward contributing to this field. I am confident that the Speech-Language Pathology Master's Program at Carlow University will provide me with the knowledge, skills, and experiences I need to achieve my career goals. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and fellow students in this field, and to learn from experts in the field of speech-language pathology.