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Can Someone Please Help Me Edit My Statement of Purpose for a PHD in Political Science? Hopefully for Free, to Help me Succeed in My Noble Career.

Margo Conry Mckenzie 

5822 NW Bates Avenue

Port St. Lucie Florida 34986, USA


I am a badass multiracial black girl who does not take any shit off anybody. I am a radical black activist who has a great passion for putting white people in their place. I want to get a PHD in Policial Science to help us black people win reparations to make the white people pay for what they did to us. ____ University is the pinnacle of my personal preference among PhD programs in Political Science for reasons including but not limited to your national reputation, exceptional faculty, first-class support staff, prime location, and your diversity and inclusion opportunities. If given the chance to enter and complete your esteemed PHD program, I heartily believe that I will be able to realize my professional longing to embark on a career in academia and continue my journry of inspiring the next generation as a teacher/profesor. During my years as a student, a volunteer, my international travels, personal experiences, and career, it has always been intriguing to immerse and discover the absolute scope of political views of individuals from different American states and counties, from different countries, various religious backgrounds, race, and socioeconomic background. Generally making evident the understanding that everyone's perspective on politics differs and often varies on the political spectrum and holds the potential to be indicitive to regions, beliefs, and experiences. I surmise this based on (as a specification of) my own experience with a college room-mate and myself having opposing experiences which allowed us to form cultivated opinions on the people and politics of Germany.


He went on to spend the summer researching the theoretical history, politics, and economy of germany. I on the other hand after taking two semesters of German language went on to spend a summer in Germany immersing myself in the culture. He emerged from his experience steadfastly believing that Germans historically innately held prejudicial beliefs towards non-caucasians and of the Americas. I on the other hand emerged from my experience on the opposite end of the spectrum, positive. Yet, our trajectory was aimed towards acqiring comparable careers. Having high interest in politics with keen curiosity in research, for related courses like International Relations - as my are of principal interes, Applied Political Research, Public Administration and having a graduate degree as well as compliting research into these areas of politics (will aid in guiding my academic and career goals to fulfillment.) for the purpose of achieving applicable balanced politics conducive to influencing relationships on an international level.


There is an increasing need to tame the political climate between nations and an increasing need for understanding and appreciation of diplomacy beneficial to forging a reciprocal arrangement or relationship. Though my absolute passion is teaching and obtaining a professorship on a higher education level - and granted that I will not actively seek, I do not rule out the prospect of serving my country in the US Department of State, if the opportunity presents itself. The idea of facilitating cooperative diplomatic communications between the United State and our allies and especially our challengers is an absolute interest peeking thought. As a current high school teacher I'm acutely aware that education is not just a composite of concepts, and syllabus, but hold the potential to facilitate and generate introductary ideas that shaped the way students perceive worldviews and to engage in conversation on the misinterpretation and preconception towards differences. Hailing from a multiracial multicultural family as well as having a very diverse group of friends, work collegues, and other professional peers amalgamate with my three years of teaching students from innumbrable backgrounds has deepened my propensity to be socially conscious, and unbiasedly celebratory of the vibrancy of peoples cultural and political views.


My personal experiences and daily interaction with diversity have reiterated my long standing thought that political representation is a vital necessity. Diplomacy in politics on local, national, and international levels should not be a blank canvas, instead be reflective of the beautiful colorful political thoughts of the world. Political Science and political topics in general have a unique way of ushering professional contentment to me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to embark on my future at your esteemed University and value the opportunity as a stepping stone in my career in political science.