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Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement Sample, Michigan

Born and raised in XXXX, Michigan, I still live here because I am a ‘home girl’.  Michigan is very much part of my identity; and for years now, I have watched with horror the decline of our flagship city, Detroit. Thus, I am extremely proud of the fact that the University of XXXX is one of the finest Nurse Anesthesia programs in the entire country, with people seeking to move to Detroit, of all places, so as to have the profound privilege of attending your program. I see Detroit Mercy as an oasis in the middle of a storm, a beacon of light in a dark urban world, a source of hope for the underserved who all-too-often find themselves locked out in the cold with no access to medical care. Thus, XXXX is my first choice among MS Programs in Nurse Anesthesia.

Staying fit is also a big part of my own positive identity development and for some time now, I have been volunteering at a fitness camp as a personal trainer, helping others to achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle. I have worked as a nurse for the past 10 years and now have 8 years of experience in emergency and acute care settings. I served in a 32-bed ER that sees 50,000 patients a year and, since July of 2016, I have worked in our critical care environment in a busy 30-bed unit, mostly floating between our neuro intensive care NICU and cardiovascular care CICU units.

Many if not most of my patients are recovering from open heart surgery. Floating between all 3 units – General ICU, Cardio, Neuro, has greatly enhanced the scope of my critical care experience providing me with an advanced understanding of a multitude of acute health challenges.   One of the CRNAs that I have shadowed at my hospital graduated from Detroit Mercy and had nothing but glowing praise for your program every time the subject came up. One of the cardiothoracic surgeons who I support on a regular basis is a personal friend of XXXX, the director of your program at Mercy, and he also lauds your Nurse Anesthesia Program.  I want to help people in my home state. Thus, for me, Mercy is the ideal choice, so that I learn about specific challenges and opportunities of service here in Michigan, as a state-wide community. This is especially relevant insofar as state resources become increasingly important in the absence of federal support for health care. Most of all, I want to learn about the health-care challenges faced by our residents in the part of our state in greatest need: Detroit.

I have always dreamed of becoming a CRNA and even wrote a paper as a senior in high school on the profession, 16 years later I still have the dream. My inspiration closest to home was my aunt, who rose through the ranks as a nurse to the position of Director of a nursing facility. On my 18th birthday, when she was 36, she died. It was ruled unexpected cardiac death. I also seek to make her proud. I have now been closely observing CRNAs in a variety of emergency and intensive care settings, and there are three things in particular that I admire, their compassion, vigilance, and the way that they so naturally and nobly serve as an advocate for the patient. A detail- oriented perfectionist by nature – I see Nurse Anesthesia as my natural calling. I enjoy caring for one patient at a time, focusing on providing the best, holistic care possible for the patient. I am also attracted to the autonomy that comes with being an advanced practice nurse. I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX.

Sample 1st Paragraph, Personal Statement for Nurse Anesthesia CRNA.

I hope to be selected to your Master’s Degree Program in Nurse Anesthesia in part because of my sheer enthusiasm. I want this career simply because I have never enjoyed anything as much as I do working with post-op, heart surgery patients, providing them with comfort and helping to minimize their pain. I seek professional advancement and becoming a CRNA will enable and inspire me to continue to give my all for the rest of my professional life. I cannot wait to get to work each day and I anticipate that will be even more the case once I am a CRNA. My devotion to my patients and my responsibilities, is complete, 100% and I believe this will enable me to excel as a researcher in the future as well as a practitioner. 

Hidden connections between a liberal arts education and nursing,

Nursing, FNP and Travel Nurse

I plan to become an FNP and a travel nurse in the United States and abroad. Recently, I took a trip to my parent’s homeland of Guyana, the poorest country in South America, where I witnessed the acute shortage of healthcare providers, resources, medicine, etc. This visit to our land of origin filled me with a sense of nursing mission, to give as much time as I can, progressively throughout my career, to the advancement of nursing care and access to health care in the Developing World, especially the land of my heritage in my case: Guyana, where I can do the most good and I have the most to contribute given the fact that this culture and language is also my own.

The University of XXXX’s School of Nursing is my first choice among Master’s Degree Programs designed to fully prepare the FNPs of tomorrow. In addition to its location and sheer excellence, your program is my first choice because of my profound respect for your dedication to inclusion in nursing education. Fully dedicated to lifelong education in Nursing and community and public health, increasingly on a global level, both intellectually and in practice: The first step is to become a Family Nurse practitioner.

My long-term goal is to open up my own practice in the neighborhood where I grew up in New York. I would also like to travel, and contribute to bringing healthcare to underserved regions of the world. I currently work as a scribe in the Emergency Department at XXXX Hospital in NY and it is a great privilege to work alongside doctors, PAs, and nursing professionals, helping with documentation to complete patient charts. I have been able to learn a great deal about physical exam findings, medical decision-making, diagnosis, and plan of care. I have also learned a great deal about medications. I make rounds frequently on the floor, assisting patients and providing them with necessities.

I day dream about having the opportunity to engage in research about the prevalence of cancer among minority ethnic groups in the United States. Both my grandmothers and one of my aunts died of cancer; thus, I have been reading about this disease in my free time since before I started high school, becoming a frequent and curious visitor to the hospital.  Inspired, I went on to volunteer in the Postpartum Department at Long Island Jewish as well as Forest Hills Hospital. I was extremely happy attending to mothers and their newborn babies, especially accompanying mom while in labor, bring new life into the world almost every day. Since my parents were and will always be first-generation struggling immigrants from one of the hemisphere’s poorest countries, I am the first to go to college, to become a professional, to have a full chance. Nursing school was difficult at first and my grades faltered, but I stood up and turned them around, eventually making the Dean’s List, the proudest moment of my life. I thank you for considering my application.

Master's in Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA, African-American Woman, Military

I hope to be accepted to your distinguished Master’s Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University at XXXX Texas. Your program is my first choice for a variety of reasons including your large class size and convenient location. I also very much appreciate the fact that your Pass rate on the CRNA certification exams exceeds the national average. Now 35, I spent more than a decade in the US military where I first became the equivalent of a nurse’s assistant as a result of training at the US Naval Hospital in Waukegan, IL. I went on to earn an Associates Degree in Health Sciences with a focus on Physical Therapy and then spent the remaining 8 years of my Navy career serving as a PT Assistant, including 3 years in Naples Italy, deploying to Kuwait, and an extended visit to Haiti aboard the USS Comfort after the earthquake of 2009.

While I am keenly looking forward to learning everything that I can from all of my professors at XXXX, studying under XXXX will be a special joy since he is a Retired USAF LT.  Colonel. I also very much admire the way that your program introduces students to senators to discuss patient safety, access to healthcare, and other issues. Finally, I very much appreciate the efforts made by XXXX to help Haiti with Medical relief following the earthquake of 2009. 

My first civilian job after the military was in the area of organ and tissue procurement from donors. I was responsible for coordinating the team, reviewing patient charts, maintaining a sterile environment, packaging and transporting sensitive grafts to our facility to disseminate across the country and overseas. etc. A registered, critical care nurse in our ICU for the past 1.5 years, I have learned a great deal about chronic, debilitating, and life-threatening illness, surgical procedures, delivery of medication drips, and monitoring patients with invasive lines. Many of my patients are on life support as a result of respiratory or cardiac failure. I have learned how to manage my emotions and stay calm in the midst of the storm.

I take great pride and find great joy in the fact that each year the ranks of America’s CRNAs include more people of color, men as well as women. A socially conscious and widely-read African-American woman, I enjoy immensely the vast diversity of the health care community in the United States and take every opportunity to collaborate with efforts to make the medical profession global, learning about medical challenges worldwide, mission activity, and especially opportunities for missionary activity as a CRNA. At the same time that I give my life to nursing practice and full-time patient care, I look forward to decades to come continuing to distinguish myself as a volunteer in the community, assuming leadership capacities in the service of the underserved.

I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX.

Lessons from Nursing to the World

Sample 1st Paragraph CRNA Admission Application, Concern for Addiction to Painkillers

As sensitive woman, a skilled nurse, an American and a human being, I am shocked and saddened by the tragedy of drug addiction in the USA. In particular, I am concerned with addiction to pain killers, prescription medication that is abused, bought and sold on the black market. I feel very strongly that it is important for CRNAs to be well aware of this problem and to do everything that they can to protect their patients from developing addictions to medication. I have read extensively in the literature concerning this issue and the passion that I have for standing up and meeting this challenge will help me to excel in your distinguished Nurse Anesthesia Program at XXXX University.

XXXX University is my first choice among CRNA Programs because…

Sample CRNA Personal Statement

Since January of 2014, I have been serving as a Registered Nurse in an ICU, following the completion of a six-month internship in the Operating Room. Since I began serving as a nurse in OR and then ICU, I have spent as much time observing CRNAs as possible, seeking out several opportunities to shadow those whose capacity struck me as particularly exceptional. I look forward to the high level of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the CRNA, the autonomy and leadership opportunities, the rigor and the challenge. I earned a Minor in Psychology to complement my BSN from the University of XXXX (2013) and I believe it will continue to serve me well as I learn to implement creative strategies with increasing efficiency in the never-ending quest for better outcomes for my patients and their families.

The XXXX School of Anesthesia is my first choice for graduate study towards certification as a CRNA because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that the location will enable me to dedicate myself fully to my studies, where I have the full support of my family and professional networks. There are many reasons why the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia is my first choice for graduate school. I appreciate its top-notch reputation and very low attrition rate. I am convinced that your program is the optimal springboard upon which to advance my career. Your campus is close to home for me and the clinical sites are in the twin cities so I will also be easily be able to make the commute, continuing to enjoy high quality time with my family on a daily basis. I have also talked with CRNAs that graduated from XXXX School of Anesthesia as well as current students. Everyone that I have spoken with raves about your CRNA program.

I read extensively in four areas: Cardiovascular surgery, Trauma surgery, and especially Anesthesia and Pain management. An extremely dedicated and very highly motivated nurse with three years of experience, I could not be more committed to advancing my career and realizing what I feel strongly is my solid potential for the exercise of leadership roles in nursing. After becoming certified, I plan to serve in a large hospital for several years so as to gain more extensive experience. Afterwards, I would like to work with an organization such as Doctors Without Borders. I have always had the drive to help and I am drawn to OR, especially in the emergency context.  I could not be more excited about the idea of spending the balance of my professional life assisting with life-saving surgeries. I look forward to a long professional lifetime increasingly spending my time in volunteer efforts, giving back to my community, on local as well as global levels – as much as I possibly can, protecting and preserving life through my labors with such organizations as the Disaster Action Team & Health Services Committee of the American Red Cross. I attend educational conferences as often as I can and have earned my Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) and Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) certifications. I will very soon be completing the Cardiac Surgery Certification (CSC) through AACN.  For several years now I have donated as much time as possible to my work as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. I am heavily engaged with both Disaster Action Team and the Health Services Committee. On the first line of response for a disaster, fires, floods, etc. I have been especially well trained for initial health assessment of the level of assistance required, paramedics, equipment, etc. In my free time, I am usually outdoors with my wife and dog, re-charging my batteries to again give my all to nursing upon my return. I thank you for considering my application to The XXXX School of Anesthesia.

Masters Degree in Nursing, Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Now 28 years old, I came to America 11 years ago from my native country, Ethiopia. Since my arrival in the USA at the age of 17, I have been working extremely hard towards my goal of becoming the most efficient and compassionate nurse possible. I think my very high level of motivation is due primarily to where I came from, growing up in a society where I constantly witnessed neighbors, peers, family members of friends, and also members of my own family, die of curable diseases as a result of almost non-existent medical care for most people—excluding the very rich.

I earned my BSN 2 years ago and I have been working as an RN since then at XXXX University Hospital in Washington, DC in the Neuro Science and Spine Surgery Unit. I now feel that I have enough experience so that I could excel in your distinguished program at XXXX University and I ask for admission to that I might achieve my long term dream of becoming an Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner providing holistic, front-line care to Americans in inner-city neighborhoods of our capital city.