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Please do not worry about furnishing me with any kind of finished text! Neither grammar or spelling matter. Just write as much as you can off the top of your head in direct response to the question asked (after a little reflection)! If you send me a CV or resume as an email attachment to, you do not need to duplicate this information on the Interview Form. You can feel free to make your payment either before or after filling out the form below. If you are in a hurry, it is best to proceed with you payment since I attend to my clients more or less in the order in which I have received their payments.

Many applicants choose to copy these questions and answer them in a Word file which they send to me as an email attachment. All fields required.

Contribution to Society: This is generally our central focus, the ways in which you will be able to benefit your communities in the future, if you are given the privilege of studying towards an advanced degree, what kind of professional you are likely to become if given this opportunity, especially with respect to service for the most vulnerable among us, often referred to as the 'underserved'.

Long Term Objectives: What is most important, and the area in which applicants are often the weakest, is in their dreams. Tell me everything that you can think of about your professional dreams and aspirations, especially in the long term. Even if you think that it is not all that likely that you could really achieve what you would most like to do—your ideal job—tell me about it! It would be a great honor to work with you at the realization of your professional aspirations to the fullest extent possible.

Research Interests: In most cases, it is a good idea to pursue research in the areas that one knows best. If one is from Saudi Arabia, for example, and one is pursuing a PHD in Public Administration, it would be generally advisable to describe an interest in the structures of public organization in the KSA. If one is a member of an ethnic minority group and raised in the inner city in America, to cite just one another example, an interest in racial issues, criminal justice, inner-city planning, etc., might be seen as an especially appropriate choice by an Admissions Committee. It is almost always advisable to have well defined research interests that dovetail with your realities and background.

If you upload documents you do not need to repeat this information on the form.


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 If you want your Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement to be successful, you have to write it in such a way as to make those in charge of the selection process curious about you and to look forward to meeting you. You need to portray yourself in your statement as the kind of person that they want to have in their program. I am a practiced master at drafting your story in the best, most eloquent fashion possible, in the way that is most appealing to those who make the selection. 

Degree sought, field, or place of origin!

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