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Examples of AI Assisted Dental Personal Statements

Spanish and French first paragraph sample.

I hope to be selected to your competitive advanced placement program for international dentists because of my competence and passion, and the fact that in addition to English, I am also fully fluent in both Spanish and French. I look forward to using all three languages in the practice of dentistry in America, and I will find boundless joy using my Spanish because it is the first and often only language of many of our undocumented residents who are underserved. I learned French from childhood in a French language school. My father, an OMFS, speaks French and practices in France. I learned Spanish through six of the finest years of my life spent in Valencia, Spain. I also became a dentist. Now, back home in America and speaking the language of so many of the underserved, opening doors to service, I keenly look forward to living the dental school experience again, this time on the forefront of developments in Dentistry. 

Thanks to Dr. Olivia Charles for her donation.

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Physical Therapy master's degree sample, Military

As a highly qualified and experienced Physical Therapist, who has considerable exposure to working with the young, I have acquired significant insights into the poor physical condition of our youth and its probable causes. There exists a crisis in this nation and beyond, calling for expert research and determined and sustained interventions. I seek to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to become part of the solution to the extreme situation in which we now find ourselves.

My goal is to hold a tenure-track faculty position with a dual appointment in both Public Health and Physical Therapy departments, preferably at a school with equal emphasis on research and teaching. I would hope to be able to implement research and especially that aimed at targeting teen and young adult populations at elevated risk of obesity and involving both undergraduate and graduate students in that work.

I served for eight years as a Physical Therapist in the military. Part of this time was spent working with newly enlisted recruits undertaking basic training. Only 2-3% of young people are fit enough to undertake military training, so we dealt with the fittest among them. Even so, we were faced with staggering numbers of bone stress injuries pointing to a marked lack of previous, even mildly challenging, physical activity and inadequate intake of bone-building nutrition. 

While obesity was a problem that was not, of course, apparent among military recruits since obese applicants were not inducted, I am very aware that a high proportion of young people are affected (19% of teens according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and that the associated conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some cancers, are extremely serious and life shortening. This major problem is another that particularly interests me and that I hope to be equipped to assist in reducing the incidence and impacts of this disease.

I should point out that my military service did not merely involve the treatment of fit young soldiers but also included time spent treating military veterans and their families. These patients ranged in age from 10-65 years. I also worked in a civilian hospital environment before joining the military, presenting different and contrasting challenges to those faced in more recent posts.

During a comparatively short career in the military as a Physical Therapist, I have achieved the post of Assistant Chief of Physical Therapy in a large army community hospital, assisting in managing 28 Physical Therapists and ancillary and administrative staff. This indicates the confidence of my superiors and my intelligence, diligence, determination, commitment, and potential. I have enjoyed a successful academic career and hold a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

 I have demonstrated the ability to conduct top-tier research in my current area of expertise. I have undertaken independent literature reviews, drafted protocols, and submitted protocols to administrative and scientific review committees and internal review boards. I have also co-authored published studies and presented the results at conferences. I consider that I have the characteristics and skills, such as analytical ability, determination, and creative and original thinking, which provide the foundations for successful research and consequent solutions.

During my undergraduate school, I undertook significant voluntary activity in the IMPACT program (individualized movement and physical activity for children today), working with children with disabilities. I also volunteered as a coach for the Special Olympics. During Physical Therapy school, I was involved with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ which involved the planning and execution of a phenomenally successful first annual 5k run for veterans. The proceeds of this endeavor went to Operation Comfort, which provides adaptive sports programs like hand cycling, sled hockey, skiing, and surfing to wounded service members. I also coached youth basketball and volleyball, was a ‘Director of Philanthropy’ for the Alpha Phi sorority and raised around $10,000 for cardiac research. I am still a keen volleyball player and enjoy running and yoga.

While working at the Salem Hospital, I composed and distributed public health messaging for promoting physical activity, smoking cessation, etc., for hospital employees. I also acted as Chairwoman of the campus's Wellness Committee, which included organizing an annual Health Fair. It was gratifying that my efforts resulted in record participation. This activity is relevant to this application.

I know that Public Health is a field in which it is necessary to exercise highly elevated cultural awareness and sensitivity. It is apparent that ethnicity and culture are reflected in the comparative statistics for those suffering from the problems I hope to help ameliorate.  For instance, a parent who comes from a society in which they have been deprived of sufficient nutrition as a child may well measure the success of their own parenting by providing and encouraging the consumption of an overabundance of food, which may result in obesity in their children. I consider identifying relevant cultural behaviors and parents' education to be significant factors in dealing with the health crisis in the young. I have happily worked with, socialized with, and treated people of many cultural and social backgrounds. I am interested in learning about others’ cultures and life experiences and hope to apply this curiosity, where appropriate, to my research and work in the future.

While hoping to be part of the global solution to improving public health, I know that it is necessary not to become detached from real people with real problems and to avoid seeing people as mere budgetary or statistical units. No matter how exalted a position I might achieve, I intend to constantly seek ‘real world’ exposure to ensure that I retain my focus on the underlying ‘why’ of my studies and work and to create contact with those experiencing these problems in their own lives or that of family members.

Degree sought, field, or place of origin!

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I have carefully researched and considered the various relevant doctoral programs and am confident that the UXX program will provide the supportive but challenging academic environment that I seek. I am impressed by the fact that UXX originated specialist studies in these fields in the US and by how closely its areas of concern parallel my own and especially that several prestigious faculty members have a special interest in research in the field of adolescent health.

I believe that my, possibly atypical, background for a student in the program will enable me to provide some unique insights from ‘street level’, for the benefit of fellow students and faculty and shall certainly seek to ‘add value’ to the program as far as possible. I undertake to apply myself with my natural diligence, passion and creativity to the program and in my career beyond, for the benefit of many in society.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the Doctoral Degree in Gerontology, Hispanic

Probably the weakest aspect of my application to your distinguished Doctoral Program in Gerontology at UXX is that many of my competitors will have higher GRE Scores than I do. It is my hope that you will select me nevertheless, however, primarily on the basis of the fact that I am originally from Honduras, bilingual, bicultural, and with a proven track record of concern for the elderly, especially those that are particularly vulnerable, abused, neglected, abandoned. Of course, I have a special interest in the welfare of elderly Latinos and look forward to excelling in this area, especially as a researcher during and after your program.

During my first year of high school, mature for my age and in search of a cause and a calling, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I watched her deteriorate quickly in front of my eyes. This gave me my crusade and since that time I have been working in my spare time, for years now, to learn all that I can about dementia. By the time that I graduate from your doctoral program at UXX, I fully intend to be capable of giving anyone who would ask me, for example, an extremely cogent, thoughtful, and multi-faceted answer to the complex question of why Hispanics are approximately 1.5 percent more likely than non-Hispanic whites to suffer from dementia.