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Samples of My Work for Scholarships

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Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for a Scholarship Program

I am applying for the XXX Scholarship to study Mandarin language and Chemistry at the XXXX University in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is now part of China—the principal gateway where East meets West meet in Asia—I will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about Chinese language, culture, society, and politics. This will also prepare me professionally to contribute to the advancement and preservation of America’s national security interest because China is now a superpower that is widely seen as having the potential to surpass America in military strength within only a few decades. I am convinced that my chosen field of study, Chemistry, will also be of critical importance to our national security interests over the long term since Chemistry is one of the principal foundations of scientific and economic advancement, as well as being of instrumental importance to the development of weapons systems and security concerns.

I am scheduled to graduate from XXXX College with a degree in chemistry in 2012; but, if chosen for your program and given the opportunity to study in Hong Kong for one year, I will graduate in 2013. Mandarin language studies are not offered at XXXX College. Thus, the XXXX Scholarship will enable me to develop language skills critical to my contribution to America’s national security. This is especially important since Mandarin Chinese is widely thought to be on track to become the world’s dominant language of the future, second, perhaps, only to English. I currently speak Spanish, also a widely used international language. Thus, I am convinced that mastery of both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese will provide me with the optimal platform for developing the academic foundation that will be most conducive to my future service of my country in the area of national security. 

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